Nutrition Dynamic Foods (NDF): Reinventing Natural Foods

Arpita Doshi,   Founder

Arpita Doshi


Modern life, particularly life in urban areas, is fast-paced. Time crunch has encouraged irregular and unhealthy eating habits. Home-cooked food has become a luxury. Consumption of processed foods has resulted in users suffering from various health issues such as acidity, bloating, and digestive problems. Executives on the move, seniors living alone, and people with little or no time to cook are some of those most affected. They must have access to nutritional supplements at reasonable prices. Research conducted at Nutrition Dynamic Foods led to the development of three plant-based, reasonably-priced products designed to meet the health needs of those who are undernourished. NDFs products are functional foods in beverage premix form that help users overcome the adverse effects of consuming processed foods. Functional Foods are food products that assist in developing internal health and make people look young and healthy.

Established in 2019, and headquartered in Ahmedabad,NDF is a manufacturer of functional foods. Arpita Doshi and Divyesh Doshi are the key personnel of the company. NDFs products are produced using natural ingredients. They are processed using the latest freeze drying technology. The products are innovative, tasty, convenient to use, and nutritious. NDFs products are sold in sachets and are easily portable. The products are highly useful for people with low immunity and for those having difficulty maintaining food and exercise schedules. The company also provides health tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It has filed for patents for all its products.

Innovative Methods Transform Traditional Foods into Super Foods
Dudhi Jaljeera, Amrit Jara, and Veggie Oats Soup are the flagship products of the company. Dudhi is the Gujarati name for bottle gourd or lauki. Lauki is rich in nutrients and extremely popular among users. Dudhi Jaljeera is manufactured using freeze-dried bottle gourd, mint, cumin, black pepper, lemon, and black salt and is tangy in taste. It is rich in iron, and dietary fibers and good for the gastrointestinal tract. The product is highly useful for diabetics and heart patients. Amrit Jara comprises of powders of gooseberry, ginger, turmeric, lemon, and
kokum. It has a salty-sour taste and helps develop immunity against diseases. Amrit Jara is rich in antioxidants and dietary fibers. It detoxifies the body and improves cellular health. Veggie oat soup comprises of freezedried bottle gourd, drumstick, spinach, rosemary, onion, garlic, and oats. It is easy to digest and provides significant amounts of nutrients to the body. All three products are in powder form, tasty, functional, natural, available in individual and combo formats, easy on the pocket, and help to detoxify the body. Dudhi Jaljeera, with its cooling effect, is more popular in summer while Amrit Jara is more in demand in winter. Oats soup is popular throughout the year.

Exclusive Products, Unique Features
NDF products are innovative and endowed with several special features. They are natural, and convenient to carry and use. They are rich in antioxidants, iron, calcium, vitamin C, and dietary fibers. They have a good shelf life and are suitable for keto diet followers and vegans. The products are a combination of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and food science. They are low in fat, free of sugar, minimally processed, rich in antioxidants, and retain probiotic properties. These products are termed 'Pharm-Nu-Foods'. NDF uses freeze-drying technology. Freeze-drying helps retain the taste, nutrient, and color of the products. Freeze-dried products can last for months and do not require refrigeration. All these features form the unique selling proposition of the products and help the company stand tall amongst its peers.

NDF products are available on major e-Commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, JioMart, and Tata1MG. They are also available at select outlets in Ahmedabad and Mumbai and can be purchased on the company’s website shortly. NDF products are competitively priced in comparison with its peers. NDF has a clientele of more than 5000 satisfied customers with several of them being repeat customers.

Quality is given high priority by the company. The products go through a detailed inspection by the company and nutritionists before being marketed. The labels on the products are thoroughly checked for claims made.

NDF is well recognized and the company has won several business leadership awards. The Gujarat Business Leadership award by CMO Asia, Business Leadership award by India achiever’s Forum, Nation Builder award, in association with DST and UNIDO, by India SME Forum, Innovator of the Year award by Vyapaar Jagat, certificate of recognition as an emerging MSME by Optimal Media are a few of the recognitions received. NDF has, to its credit, a publication in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Healthy Diet an international journal.

NDF looks forward to the time when people lead healthy, long lives with natural foods. Using innovative methods, NDF intends to deliver the goodness of traditional products by converting them into functional foods. The company plans to look for international exposure after expanding its operations into Tier-I and Tier -II cities in India. The vision of Nutrition Dynamic Foods is to become a leader in the functional foods segment on an international and national scale.