Body Core Science: Leveraging On Inhouse Manufacturing Capabilities & Innovation To Provide Quality Supplements At Affordable Prices

Mohit Srivastava & Tarun Srivastava,    Co-FoundersWhile India has been grabbing eyeballs as one of the fastest-growing economies across the world, behind the curtain, the country is being ravaged by various social and economic issues, with malnutrition being one of the most persistent issues among them. Today, almost 45 percent of youngsters in India are suffering from malnutrition due to the absence of a balanced diet in their food.Being curious about the nutrient deficiency in the Indian diet, the brother duo Tarun and Mohit Srivastava did further research on the same. They found out that the concept of the supplement itself was an obscure idea in Indian society due to supplements being expensive in the market.

Nutrients & supplements comprise vitamins, amino acids, proteins, and many more vital ingredients and help fulfill the nutritional gap in the user’s body. The Indian nutrition & supplement market is valued at around Rs. 436.5 billion and is expected to reach 958.1 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 13.5 percent. A large part of Indian society had the myth that supplements are luxurious items and are meant only for the rich or bodybuilding purposes. To break the ongoing myth among people that supplements are meant only for body building and provide high quality supplements at affordable prices, the Srivastava brothers decided to follow their passion,starting their supplement manufacturing firm, Body Core Science (BCS), in 2018.

The Inception Story
The firm initially started by importing supplements from other countries. However, BCS gradually realized that the imported supplements were too costly for Indian market standards. “The Indian companies available were not earning much margin from those imported supplements, therefore failing to offer quality supplement products to customers. To provide supplement products at an affordable price range, companies gradually started selling adulterated products. However, BCS has always stood against product adulteration while focusing on manufacturing highquality products at a marginal price”, shares Tarun.
The firm then set up its own factories and stores and ventured into manufacturing the supplements. Today, BCS is considered one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range of health supplement products and has become synonymous with 'quality with affordability'.

What makes BCS stand out from the rest of its peers in the market is its high product quality and extensive experience with a better understanding of customers’ pain points

Empowering Athletes with Quality and Affordable Health Supplements
Health supplements are crucial for athletes providing various advantages that help both their performance and general well being. In addition to providing essential nutrients, these dietary supplements can help increase energy levels, encourage muscular growth, and speed up recuperation. It's crucial to keep things like quality and price in mind while selecting health supplements. BCS emphasizes affordability while upholding strict manufacturing standards and staying current with the latest findings. By choosing reputable producers like BCS, athletes have the advantage of satisfying their unique supplement needs at affordable prices without sacrificing the quality. For those wishing to improve their athletic performance, products by BCS are a dependable option thanks to the firm's dedication to offering athletes affordable and efficient health supplements.

What makes BCS stand out from the rest of its peers in the market is its high product quality and extensive experience in the field. “All the supplement products offered by BCS are manufactured inhouse. Even before starting the firm, the team had extensive prior experience in the supplement sector, which helps it have a better understanding of the customer’s pain points. So in other words, instead of products, we sell solutions to our customers”, adds Mohit.

Accomplishments & Future Roadmaps
After its inception, while there were some initial hiccups, BCS later started its own ecosystem and developed its e-commerce platform while integrating it with technology. Instead of involving distributors, the firm tried to reach the clients directly,therefore able to save the distributor’s margin and provide supplements at affordable prices to people.Today,people, irrespective of their economic status, are using BCS supplement products due to their marginal pricing.

As a zero-debt company without any equity dilution, BCS has come a long way in terms of product portfolio, overall growth, and client base while complying with all government regulations. The firm still has been able to achieve unprecedented growth over the years with a current annual revenue being around Rs.140 crore. As compared to the last financial year, the firm has experienced a staggering 200 percent growth in current financial year.

Coming to its future roadmap, BCS also has received its export license and is planning to start its export operations soon. In terms of the global market, the firm is going to venture into the South and South East Asian markets. Apart from that, BCS is also planning to invest in startups and other entrepreneurship models that can carry forward the firm’s vision of serving the country. In the coming three years, the firm is going to invest almost Rs.500 crores across various channels in the Indian supplement industry.