NuVvagen: Thriving to be Global Player in Nutraceutical Industry

Vasant Sangani, CMDThe pandemic has taught mankind about the importance of good health. While traditionally people use to rely on treatments for various diseases, the key today is the prevention of diseases. This is where nutraceuticals and supplements enter the picture. NuVvagen Bioscience Private Ltd is one of the fastest-growing NutraPharm companies that has an inhouse state-of-the-art research center. The mission is to provide high quality health care products at an affordable range. This is to help financially challenged patients to aid their health and well being.

The staff at NuVvagen is a team of well qualified and experienced individuals, determined to deliver their best, thus living up to the customers’ expectations. All the products offered by NBPL are backed on sound research in terms of quality and taste. The stringent quality measures adopted at the company ensure that only the best reaches the end consumer. “We are unique in our dedication towards keeping humans healthy. That’s why we’ve created quality standards and a verification process specifically for these health products, giving patients the faith & confidence, they need to safeguard their health”, says Vasant Sangani, who with his noble vision, intends to serve mankind.

His contribution is immense for the overall growth of company. His main focus is to develop novel formulations which can stand above contemporary formulation at the same time keeping affordability & efficacy to the utmost standard. NUVVAGEN has laid great emphasis on R&D, be it in the field of Formulations, Manufacturing, Marketing, or introducing Innovative Products in the market for the benefit of the Health Conscious People. During Covid times we have learnt that Immunity, Health & Wellness are primary requirement & it should be in reach of common people. NUVVAGEN understand criticality of developing new products to become market leader in Nutra Segment.

Maintaining Uniqueness with QR Code
NuVvagen has strict policies to avoid duplication. All brands that display NBPL have a specific QR code to ensure quality. The ingredients mentioned on the container of the products are exactly as the brand promises to its consumers. This ensures their trust in the quality of the products and also differentiates NuVvagen from its other contemporaries. The customers appreciate NuVvagen as a supplier for authentic products and quality through service oriented advice on all questions in order to achieve an optimal result for the end products.

At present global nutraceutical market is valued at $400 billion and traditionally the US was the big market of nutraceuticals and supplements with more than 60 percent of the market share but the increased awareness among people due to covid 19 has led to a spurt in demand from other countries as well and has given a much needed boost to Indian nutraceutical and supplement manufacturers. India is poised to be a $10 trillion economy by 2030 of which the Indian nutraceutical and health supplement segment alone can contribute $100 billion by 2030.
NuVvagen Bioscience Pvt Ltd has steered through the pandemic to become a key player in nutraceutical. It has a strong presence in 14 countries and has become a part of the global supply chain by associating with giant multinational companies across the globe. It has a strong presence in countries like Egypt, Iran, Nigeria, Singapore. It has showcased its strong expertise in handling finish formulations, Nutraceutical Premixes/Blends to win the confidence of its clients.

Nuvvagen Is All Set To Develop An Export Oriented, High Octane Manufacturing Plant Widespread On A 100000 Sq. Ft. Of Land Near Mumbai

Part of NuVvagen’s mission is to provide high quality health and nutrition products at a price that is affordable to all segments of society. It has left no stone unturned to win customer confidence. It has passed all sorts of audits to become an ISO, HACCP, Kosher, GMP, FSSAI, HALAL certified company.

To win customer confidence NuVvagen has come up with innovative solutions to deal with piracy in nutraceutical and healthcare products. With a strong marketing team & Channel partners worldwide, NuVvagen is poised to become a major NutraPharm player at the global level.

Targeting to Upscale Production
NuVvagen strongly believes that change is a constant process and everything else needs to be adapted to the current dynamics. This calls for upgrades and innovations in the field with advancements is quality, technology, products, and manpower. This also helps to thrive within a competitive setting and hence plays a crucial role in leveling up one's performance standards.

NuVvagen is committed to its vision to be a leader in Domestic & International Pharma, given the present scenario of increased awareness and lifestyle revolution among the masses company is poised to achieve its position and it has already started working in this direction. It is constantly working to upgrade its quality, product, and manpower.

Owing to the fabulous growth and the tremendous support from the industry and the consumers, NuVvagen is all set to develop an export oriented, high octane manufacturing plant widespread on a 100000 Sq.Ft. of land near Mumbai. It will upscale the production with the latest technology incorporated in the manufacturing process with a well equipped QA, QC, R&D & Warehouse Facility. The manufacturing setup work is in full swing & the plant is expected to be commissioned by end of 2022. The plant will be GMP certified and with all compliances in place to cater to any market in the world.

Vasant Sangani, CMD
NUVVAGEN is progressing under apt Supervision & Guidance of Mr. Vasant Sangani, Because of his High Values, Morals & Ethics, is looked upon with esteem Regards &Respect. With a very noble intention to serve humanity, he started NUVVAGEN whereby under privileged & needy ones can get easy & economical access to medication. Under his direction & guidance, within no time NUVVAGEN has already spread its wings in Overseas & Domestic markets. His passion about innovation, Research & Development has given novel formulations to NUVVAGEN.

Kenij Jain, Director
He is an astute professional with more than 20 years of extensive experience in Sales & Marketing, Profit Centre Operations, Brand Management, Sales Promotion, Client Relationship Management, Exports & Overseas Marketing. He is the one who is driving Revenue Growth and proactively conducting opportunity analysis by keeping abreast of market trends to achieve market share. Skilled in building brand focus in conjunction with the operational needs. Recently he was conferred with “Outstanding Leadership Award” towards his Contribution to the Field of Health & Wellness. The award ceremony was held in Dubai on March 24, 2022.

Dhavall Sangani, Director
He is a second generation Entrepreneur. He comes with lots of Novel ideas which have helped NUVVAGEN to boost its sales. At a young age he has made his own mark & standing in the Nutraceutical Industry. He is very well versed with regulatory requirements of the overseas market. He is Mind behind developing Brand Image of NuVvagen. With the pro experience in digital marketing, Mr. Dhaval has broadcasted company on various Social Networking platforms so as to get Global frontage. With the targeted vision towards growth to run company in organised manner there has been various required departmental SOP’s which is been designed by him.