Obelisk Power: Switch To Solar For Power

Amar Nath Anand & Kanishk Rathore,Co-Founders & Managing Directors

Amar Nath Anand

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Jodhpur-based solar product manufacturing company Obelisk Power is revolutionizing the way in which energy is delivered to the populace. It has introduced the most affordable and sustainable alternative to electricity, availing all get-at-able utilities. The company is best known for its state-of-the-art solar products installation in residential, commercial and business spheres. It acts as a main man to all those who intend to keep a tight rein on their consumption and dissipation of electricity.

The Creation
The founding story of the obelisk is ever so fascinating. Two ingenious and aspiring souls, Amar Nath Anand and Kanishk Rathore banded together to think up one of the finest solar panel manufacturing companies that pitched towards measuring up all the renewable and environmental needs. Their unalike knowledge and expertise gave them the opportunity to come up with such unoique innovations.

Amar's industrial experience and Kanishk prowess in technology & graphics have given the concept of Obelisk Power a matchless overtone. Through Obelisk Power, they have put forward a robust way of generating energy on individual roof segments which helps people cut down on their monthly expenditure dedicated to the electricity bills. This innovative venture has paved the way for setting to rights the future energy rates. “Having walked the ecosystem for more than six years has definitely given me the clarity of what the industry actually needs at the present day. The dire need for bringing forth ground breaking approaches to appease the growing energy needs in the country is vitally important. This grabbed my attention and enticed me to collaborate another inventive and young mind, Kanishk to frame an organization that sorts out all energy related issues," narrates Amar Nath Anand, Co-Founder & Managing Director.

Along with generating well-founded engineering products the company is also catering to the needs of its clients on a day-to-day basis. This aspect makes the company different than others. In the main, it is involved in manufacturing ATJ products along with designing and developing rooftops and other solar products.

The Challenges
Startups are usually subjected to a number of challenges be it setting up the business or setting a trustful image to entice clients. Obelisk also had to live through some similar set of circumstances. The first few months were quite difficult for the company. As it was in its nascent stage a good business or financial gain was not on the card. The prime movers had to put out all the stops in order to reach the pinnacle of stability. Slowly yet surely, it gained momentum and bagged some substantial projects, creating perfect set circumstances to exhibit its forte and competency. Ever since then there was no looking back, adhering to the defined end in view the company kept on marching ahead. "It was a challenge to meld the non-technical mind with a high-tech mind. It was like the unification of two minds that stood poles apart. But nothing is impossible if you have the right attitude and passion. Our intense fervour to do something of our own and leave
an impressive imprint in the space has kept us motivated throughout. We have put our 100 per cent to scale up the success ladder,” he avers.

Backed by a team of expert engineers and creative enthusiasts, the company has successfully carried through many projects namely 50 MW Project with Ganges International in Rewa, The Bhatinda Project and Power Project in different places of Rajasthan. Currently, it has in its hand a project estimating to 800 KW.

The Growth
The company has grown twice the size of what it was in the initial stage. It is observing a positive year-on-year revenue growth in the first financial year the company has earned a revenue of five lakh which eventually grew to a 10 crore business. The persona that it has developed over the years has enabled it to onboard valuable clients. It has bestowed its services to various government and private organizations including schools and houses” We take pride in announcing that at the present day we have reached a point where people are deliberately signing deals with us. Apart from private, we are received and are still receiving projects directly from the government," he states.

Kanishk Rathore, Managing Director & Co-Founder

For the upcoming days, the innovator intends to further enhance their creations. They are planning to launch the business in the international market, targeting to introduce the products in countries like Dubai, China and other provinces.


Kanishk Rathore, Managing Director & Co-Founder
A visionary Amar has availed the knowledge and experience that he has gained from the solar energy industry to structure the foundation of Obelisk Power to cater the growing needs of solar energy equipments. His idea of switching to solar to save the planet and keep a check on the expenditures has brought in a new facet in the green energy industry. With dedication and hard work, he has enabled the company to become India's leading solar panel technology devising company.

Generates well-founded engineering products the company is also catering to the needs of its clients on a day-to-day basis

Amar Nath Anand, Managing Director & Co-Founder
A talented high-end retoucher, colourist, art director and visual designer, Kanishk has integrated creative aspects to craft out unique and second to none solar products. The remarkable qualities and elements of Obelisk's products and services reflect the creative gift he is bestowed with.

Secures predictable electricity costs for years to come and generate an income from it as well. The company has the potential that it can predict expenses, usage and production of electricity.

Puts a cap on the soaring energy bills which companies are usually bothered with it

Helps commercial organizations and government entities to achieve greater control, reliability and security through its top-notch solar system facilities

Projects Completed
Obelisk Power has eminently completed a 50mw Project in Pune, The Bhatinda Project, and a Power Project in Nimod.