Online Medi Consult: Bringing a New Touch to the Medical Domain

Dr. Ajay Parmar, Ritesh Bijoria & Dr. Atul Thakran,Co-FoundersThe usual picture of healthcare providing centres is ingeneral conjured up to be in earnest. Fortunately, at the present time innovators are giving it an out of the common look together by bringing together the vast provision of the healthcare and wellness industry. A similar kind yet out of the ordinary initiative is taken by three industry musketeers Avinash Vashistha, Ritesh Bijoria and Ajay Parmar, who sowed the seeds of Online Medi Consult with the objective to nurture and promote Medical Tourism in India and across the globe. They have taken this holistic approach in order to bring in develops and encourage transparent and quality driven tourism. This endeavour is made in order to comprehend the requirements of the patients and render the best treatment. In short, Online Medi Consult attends the needs of its clients through innovative and topnotch facilities that are focused on improving their overall health. The basic aim is to band together the wide variety of treatments like Ayurveda, Spa and Naturopathy and create a unique and effective healthcare environment. “The monotony of the healthcare sector has incited us to venture into this domain and bring a change. We just do not want one person to be healthy but we want to see the
entire social growing healthy. That is the reason we decided to promote international healthcare tourism, for the incoming and outgoing of technologically equipped and firstrate methods of medications. We are a one stop shop providing services that medical and personal in fact overall care,” states Ritesh Kumar Bijoria, Director, Online Medi Consult.

Online Medi Consult attends the needs of its clients through innovative and top-notch facilities

Its far reaching services can be categorized as Online Doctor Consultant, Diagnostic Services, Online Pharmacy, Ambulance Services and many others. And as alluded, its exclusive services include Medical Spa & Resorts, and Yoga classes & Training. Other than these, the company puts up exciting offers such as Compare Diagnostic Services, Discounts on Medicines, Medical Equipments, Medical Insurance, Ayurvedic Medicines and many more. For those who wish to get a highquality yet cost effective health and wellness treatment can conveniently switch Online Medi Consult. “We are providing services the ranges from home care to visa services. We deliberate to be a platform that takes every facility to the home of our clients. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the tests and treatment being carried out under our supervision are the certified and guaranteed bytopclass national and international hospitals with whom we have also collaborated,” he avers.

To host and administer such a wide array of deliverables, Online Medi Consult has built a strong and competent team. It has hired the best minds holding mastery over medicine, technology, and healthcare related skills. It has on boarded professional doctors as well who attend to issues concerning surgeries, operations, transplants and so and so forth.

Since inception the company has made positive headway, experiencing about a ten fold increase in its revenue. It has got high reach, possessing agreements with countries like CostaRica,East & South African Countries, Zambia/Ghana/Angalo, and Afghanistan. And in the year 2018 it launched one of the biggest diagnostic centres in Haryana with the latest versions of diagnostic apparatus. In the near future, Online Medi Consult is geared up to spread its presence to all the nations in the world becoming the guiding light in the healthcare ecosystem.