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Vikram P,  Managing Director

Vikram P

Managing Director

Based out of Hyderabad, is India's first convenient online rice ordering site that provides a wide range of options in all rice categories and all brands of rice delivered at fair prices. The company was initially formed as Call Groceries India Pvt. Ltd. by Vikram P Chakravarthy and Sanjay Parmar with an objective to supply Groceries and Rice with Zero inventory model. Initially, the focus was towards supplying groceries only to the B2B sector and rice to all B2B and B2C sectors. However, after understanding the difficulties of selling rice on Kirana stores and that to carrying the bags of rice manually, they decided to develop a platform that is fully technology driven merchant centric eCommerce market place, where all rice merchants can upload their products online through a mobile app and do sales online. This triggered the inception of 2 years back. In Hyderabad itself,there are 8000+ exclusive rice stores and 25,000+ Kirana shops, out of which is tied up with 82 stores at present and planning to
tieup with 600+ store in 2019.

Even though the first two years, they encountered challenges pertaining to grocery B2C supplies and credit difficulties in B2B sales, by mid of 2017, it launched its merchant centric eCommerce model and since then there was no looking back. It is in the process of establishing its own outlet and tie up with rice shops to ensure easy availability of rice orders at the doorsteps of the customers. The platform has been successful in delivering in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and soon the delivering units will start in all parts of major cities of South India as it is the most rice consuming region. has 82 franchisees store at present and plans to acquire 600+ stores in 2019 out of 8000+ exclusive rice stores and 25,000+ Kirana shops in Hyderabad

While in India, the B2B market space is fully dependent on credit model and refrain businesses to expand their market shares without credit facility, has tied up with an NBFC(Non Banking Financial Company) where they provide credit to the rice and Kirana merchants that go up to 1 Lakh for 30 days. “Here we all are in a win win situation. The merchant gets his credit, we get our money within 24 hours and the bank gets interest from us for 30 days. All of this
process is technology driven and our investors’ money is safe this way,” says Vikram.

Besides, due to the discount driven online eCommerce market places and increased rise in Smartphone penetration that is fuelling rapid growth in Indian retail eCommerce sector, with its innovative business model is setting strong foothold in South India.

The Growth currently houses a team of 15+ employees and strictly follows a culture of teamwork to ensure every one of them is sharing ideas and working together towards a common goal.“Compared to last FY 17-18, this FY 2018-19, we have achieved more than 100 per cent growth in revenue and in terms of users. Currently, we have more than 5000 customers and out of them, more than 3000 customers are repeat customers. Till the end of 2018, we had presence only in Hyderabad but as of today, we have a presence in the entire state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We are going to start operations in Karnataka from June 2019,” informs Sanjay.

As a new addition, has begun exporting Rice to Europe. “We have sent one consignment to Bulgaria and we are planning to expand our services to rest of Europe. For that, Sanjay is collaborating with some food supply companies in Europe. By end of this year, we are expecting some good orders,” concludes Vikram on a positive note.