Opulus Wealth: Unlocking Wealth Potential Through Client-Centric Solutions

Videesh Pursnani,  DirectorAs the landscape of wealth management continues to evolve, staying ahead of trends and meeting client expectations has become paramount. With the increase in wealth and growth in household incomes, there is a growing demand for wealth management services. Recognizing this, Opulus Wealth aims to provide tailored services that help individuals and families maximize their wealth potential.

Opulus Wealth stands as a client-centric 'enabler' in the financial services industry, simplifying financial decision making through expertise, personalized solutions, and progressive technology. Observing the lack of financial education and guidance available to individuals, Opulus Wealth was established to assist people in making sound financial strategies and decisions. The company's core values revolve around accessibility and personalization, making investments suitable for every one. Moreover, Opulus Wealth recognizes the shift from physical assets to financial assets as a generational trend. With expertise in various financial instruments, the company helps clients navigate this transition and make informed investment decisions that align with their goals and risk appetite.

The Differentiating Factor
The company offers financial plans and services that help people reach their life goals such as Financial Freedom, Ascend Wealth Class, Child's Education Planning, International Travel, and Standard of Living, among others. A detailed oriented professional assessment and evaluation are conducted to identify clients' risk appetite and financial goals. Opulus Wealth excels in advanced analytics and customization, ensuring portfolios are backed by data and
well researched algorithms. The strategies are executed through RBI-Regulated NBFCs, AMFI Registered MFDs, or SEBI compliant RIAs. The company works tirelessly to create financial solutions that are efficient and effective, making them a one-stop destination for holistic wealth and portfolio management.

"One of the key aspects of Opulus Wealths approach is the emphasis on leveraging technology to drive their analytics and data computation capabilities. We believe that this is the path to generate returns above benchmark averages. By combining human expertise with digital technology, we eliminate biases and maximize results" explains Videesh Pursnani, Director at Opulus Wealth.

Videesh adopts a management style focused on empowering individuals, promoting happiness, and improving the quality of life with in the team. This approach fosters higher productivity and innovative thinking, contributing to the companys success. Opulus Wealth's talented core team includes senior partner Vinay Naresh who brings expertise in international investing and spear heads the company's expansion in the United Arab Emirates.

The company also recognizes the increasing popularity of systematic investment plans(SIPs) in India, reaching a record high of 475 crores per day (as of March 2023). Opulus Wealth offers more than 10 different plans for SIP investments, catering to the needs of various investors, from aggressive young investors to conservative senior citizens. Furthermore, Opulus Wealth integrates its services through channels like WhatsApp to ensure easy accessibility and real time support for clients.

This enhances the client experience and showcases the company's dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Despite being a young startup, Opulus Wealth strives to overcome challenges posed by larger financial institutions by consistently delivering quality services and performance. The company has built a strong reputation through trust and word of mouth referrals. Looking ahead, Opulus Wealth aims to simplify its product offerings and expand its reach.

Robust Roadmap Ahead
With a robust roadmap ahead, Opulus Wealth sets a new standard for comprehensive and user centric financial services by making financial education accessible and providing personalized solutions. With their forward thinking approach and dedication to client success, Opulus Wealth is poised to continue shaping the future of wealth management.

“Going forward, we will focus on digitalization and simplification of our product offerings to provide a seamless experience. In the future, we are also open to leveraging artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to create asset backed tokens, once regulatory clarity is achieved. Currently, Opulus Wealth already has a presence in Mumbai, Pune, and Dubai, and is expanding digitally to cater to clients across various geographies”, concludes Vinay Naresh, Senior Partner at Opulus Wealth.