Orbiit: Digitizing Education

Mahesh Kumar Soni,   Founder & CEO

Mahesh Kumar Soni, Founder & CEO

We belong to a country which has to its name an opulent tradition of learning and teaching. Unfortunately, the ethos of the Indian education system atrophied with due course of time. It has been all the same for the last 100 years; continues to practice conventional methods which are mostly theoretical and exam-driven, where minimal attention is paid to genuinely evaluate the young minds and pledge opportunities to prosper. However, we can breathe a sigh of relief as circumstances are changing. People have begun to take valuable initiatives and embracing latest technologies to credibly tweak the structure of the education system of the country.

Mahesh Kumar Soni, an educator very well understood the snags that dwelled in the learning sector. The privation of proper coaching centres in Rajasthan incited him to venture into this domain and establish Orbiit, an e-learning platform that is digitizing the customary methods of teaching
and learning, making it engaging and beneficent. He established Orbiit to provide utmost liberty to the pupil to choose a subject that they wish to master, explore their strengths and weaknesses under the guidance of highly experienced teachers and mentors. Its end in view is to enable each student to embellish their skills, knowledge and the overall performance.

Orbiit is revolutionizing app determined to educate everyone, everything and everywhere – always at the highest quality and the most affordable price

“The premier intention of originating this organisation was to confer quality and low-cost education to every single student, irrespective of their age, stature and gender, the aim and benefits of our education platform is not restricted to only personal gains instead it benefits other people of the family, society and country. Our aim of providing an education is to help other needy people of the society to get them over the weaknesses and superstitions.” narrates Mahesh.

Orbiit stands as a maverick in this ecosystem because of its unique offerings and features. It focuses on overhauling the language plights that most of the e-learning platforms happen to ignore. Along with English contents, it exclusively puts up Hindi materials and assignments.
These steps were taken to provide tutelage to all those students who study in a Hindi Medium schools. In fact, it has taken one step ahead and is conducting live sessions, seminars, tests series, revision papers and other such features. And besides tutorials, it also delivers counselling to instil discipline and the sense of responsibilities in students. “Orbiit is supported by a skilled and experienced faculty. They very adeptly handle both the technical and educational unit, catering each and every need of the users. Our noble project is to strengthen the education system of India,” asserts Mahesh.

Orbiit was subjected to many challenges in the time of its establishments. The extent of countless number of e-learning platforms proved to be a major stumbling block. To create a positive impact in the market, to entice students and win their certitude was an onerous task for the company. Adding to this Mahesh says, “As an online coaching organization, it is very difficult to prove one’s authenticity. And with the number of loopholes in the space itself, burgeoning is definitely tough.” Despite these hurdles, it has been able to successfully launch itself as an online coaching organization. It has already set its foot in Rajasthan and is aiming to proliferate to other parts of the country. This self established firm is launching its Android and iOS applications, cover syllabus of different exam boards and proffer materials for helping teachers as well.

In short, Orbiit is that initiative that is reforming the learning and teaching system in our country by digitizing the conventional methods and enlivening classroom education.