Orillet Foods: A Source for Health Food

Food security is a pressing problem in India and in the world. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN(FAO), it is estimated that over 190 million people go hungry every day in the country. Despite the odds, there is huge potential for India to increase its agricultural productivity to meet the food requirements of its growing population. The adoption of sustainable farming practices can increase both productivity and reduce ecological harm. Sustainable agriculture techniques enable higher resource efficiency, produce greater agricultural output while using lesser land, water and energy, ensuring profitability for the farmer. Orillet Foods International is one such company that was established to prop up sustainable agriculture. “Ananthapur district is prone to drought and we have seen thousands of suicides of the farmers, as there is no stable income for them. To elevate farmer’s life and to have a sustainable agriculture we thought of creating a sort of security to them by giving them inputs and buy back on contract basis on a fair trade,” says Jeevan Prashanth, Co-Founder, Orillet Foods International.

Established in the year 2015 at Anantapur Andhra Pradesh, India, Orillet Foods International is a partnership firm engaged in manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing the best quality Millet Seed, Quinoa Seed, Agro Powder. The company adopts an ethical and social conscience in all of its processes to minimize environmental impact & maximize sustainability. The products are grown organically; cultivated and processed in a more ecologically sustainable way and naturally good for one’s health. All of its products Quinoa and Millets are produced under natural farming techniques. The company markets its products Quinoa through Reliance smart, GNB and other retail chains whereas the millets are marketed through wholesale and retail
trade in 25 kg bags. “We are releasing our 500 gm pouches through retail segment,”he informs.
Jeevan Prashanth,  Founder & Partner
Orillet started cultivating Quinoa initially for three yearsand later added Millets farming. Besides, it also scaled up the processing machinery along with Quinoa. “We have added end to end solutions for the millet plant for the best quality. These millets comes in two seasons; we procure and store the raw materials to process them on daily basis until the next season,” he mentions. Orillet provides products like Quinoa Fills, Quinoa Ready to cook products. Additionally, it offers Millets based Snacks and ready to cook products. These products are mostly ready to cook with highest nutritional values, high protein content and fiber. In all our RTC products our main ingredient is Quinoa. We have Diabetic breakfast and Diabetic ATTA that can reduce the diabetic complications and maintain sugar levels for some more years without increasing the dosages of insulin,”he asserts.

Orillet is continuously exploring innovative ways of farming to maximize nutrition and minimize environmental impact in all its processes

What’s Next!
Orillet is continuously exploring innovative ways of farming to maximize nutrition and minimize environmental impact in all its processes. Further, it plans to roll¬out diabetic breakfast with health drink. Also, it plans to introduce super foods like Chia along with Quinoa and aims for export market in the European countries. “Based on the capital inflows, we can multiply our turnover by spending a little amount on advertisements and brand promotions. We are keen in private equity or Angel investors,” he concludes.