Osome Foods: Offering Healthy Snacking Options

 Anand Dharsandia, Founder &, Kirit Hadiyal, Co Founder

Anand Dharsandia, Founder &

Kirit Hadiyal, Co Founder

As per a report by Euromonitor, India’s savoury snacks market is estimated at INR 33,500 crore while biscuits, snack bars and fruit based snacks add up to another INR 36,400 crore. Savoury snacks are expected to grow a massive 22 percent over the next five years as perrecent estimates on India’s packaged foods market. The best part is that half of the Indians wish to eat healthier snacks. Healthy snacks are being priced in such a way that they remain totally out of reach for the masses. This is where Osome Foods comes in. It perceives a huge opportunity in the market to provide affordable healthy snack options in the coming years. The company owns a fully automated state-of-the-art food processing unit with a hygienic manufacturing environment. The manufacturing facility is spread over an area of 10,000 sqft at Rajkot, State of Gujarat,India with a capacity to manufacture 500 kg per hour of roasted peanuts, chickpeas, popcorn and other healthy food with fully automated packaging machines.

Osome provides alternative healthy snacking option with Clean Label Ingredients for new age consumers. “We follow basic and traditional process so that we can be sure that everything we make should be nearest to Mother Nature. We like to keep things simple
by using natural food, whole spices and clean ingredients which consumer can trust. While all the healthy and nutritious products are priced heavily in the market and almost out of reach for common man, our products are cost effective and easily available. We have created a niche market of healthy, hygienic and affordable snack food brand.” says Anand Dharsandia, Founder.

Osome provides alternative healthy snacking option with Clean Label Ingredients for new age consumers

The Beginning
Founders initially planned to manufacture Peanut Butter as they are from Gujarat, peanut bowl of India. But, they realized the unpopularity of peanut butter amongst the Indians. They realized Indians were more inclined towards poha, parathas and idlis for breakfast instead of bread and butter. When they delved deep into the matter, they realized that 100 percent export oriented unit of peanut butter was also not feasible due to stiff competition from Argentina and USA. After a thorough market research, they have realized that peanuts are all time favorite snacking option for Indians. This marked the beginning of the company and developed five exciting flavored peanuts and launched in MRP 5,10 & 50 SKUs. There was great response from the market and they thought to explore more healthier snacks. “At Osome, we love traditional food and we are always finding ways to unleash the best out of these traditional foods. That’s when we launched our roasted peanut range where we converted our premium quality peanut into alternative snack by infusing it with real spices to stimulate the taste buds. Since then we are always challenging the boundaries of what is possible and will launch products that are tastier and better for you,” he informs.

The Growth over the Years
Within the first year of its operations, the company has crossed 1 cr. turnover in the first year. In the second year, it is expected to cross 1.50cr.” We are still working on establishing our distribution network. Once we establish the network in 3-4 states we aim to grow at 40-50 percent CAGR,” he adds.

In the next five years, the company aims to achieve 10cr. top line. “We will launch healthier, alternative to chips Bhujia & Sev and innovative snacking options mostly with Nuts, Seeds, Legumes and Energy Bar in near future,” he concludes.