Otrix: Redefining Organic Excellence with Science-backed Solutions & Market Innovation

Bhavdip Dhameliya, FounderToday, there is a huge concern arising in terms of organic claims in the industry, wherein organic has just become a tagline for some companies. There is a significant gap between claimed organic status and actual product composition. This is where Otrix emerged with a commitment to integrity and innovation. Driven by a core commitment to revolutionize the market, the company offers chemical-free orgi-science products, aiming for industry impact. With two years of meticulous research and development, the company has crafted unparalleled formulations blending organic principles with scientific technology.

The company focuses on genuine organic ingredients, setting new standards for integrity and effectiveness. Operating worldwide, Otrix provides 36 tailored SKUs spanning haircare, skincare, and body care. Currently, the company is also focused on introducing 50 more SKUs, which further expanded its offerings and market reach.

The company’s unique formulation gives it the needed edge over its peers in the market today. Furthermore, the company prioritizes packaging, quality checks, and ongoing research. With a three-year shelf life, its products undergo meticulous monitoring from inception. Otrix's Ubtan face wash, has also been nominated in Forbes reflecting global recognition. Also worthy to note, the company leads in the evolving quick commerce landscape, focusing on direct-to consumer (D2C) industries.
“At Otrix, every product is meticulously crafted to be 100 percent free from harmful chemicals, showcasing our dedication to quality. Through the fusion of organic ingredients and scientific expertise, we offer an innovative range, setting a new industry standard. As pioneers in India, we embody a steadfast dedication to advancing orgi-science formulations, marking a new era of excellence", says Bhavdip Dhameliya, Founder at Otrix.

We've developed a groundbreaking orgi-science formula, blending organic and scientific principles seamlessly. Our commitment to excellence means our products are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring safety and efficacy for consumers. Our focus on transparency and quality sets Otrix apart in an industry of misleading claims. Prioritizing authenticity and efficacy, we redefine standards, offering consumers genuine orgi-science solutions they can trust", he adds.

Driving the Needed Innovation

“By combining the D2C and FMCG channels, we have greatly overcome the logistical challenges offering our clients with the products at the earliest. We cater to PAN India, including Haryana, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala and Telangana. Orders have also been fulfilled even in remote areas like Port Blair, and Srinagar. By merging D2C and FMCG, Otrix enhances accessibility and has set new service standards", specifies Bhavdip Dhameliya.

At Otrix, excellence defines every operation. Its in-house lab is staffed by expert PhD holders who always go above and beyond to not only meet, but exceed clients’ expectations. Furthermore, leveraging ERP, OMS, and WMS, we ensure efficient service delivery and automation. Also, the company's data analyst enhance automation and quality tracking, maintaining optimal inventory levels. The company pioneers sustainable, scientifically proven organic products, aligned with its commitment to authenticity and innovation. Furthermore, the company’s marketing strategy includes WhatsApp, email, and active social media engagement. Chatbots efficiently handle 80 percent of customer queries, greatly enhancing the experience.

Additionally, Otrix is developing new products to meet evolving consumer needs in FMCG and D2C markets. It has covered much ground in enhancing accessibility and streamlining distribution and has also forged strategic alliances with small retailers, leveraging their local expertise to strengthen Otrix’s market presence.

“Going forward, we will be expanding our personal and beauty care offerings with new products while maintaining standards. Further expanding our orgi-science innovation, we are aiming to explore our opportunities in healthcare and hygiene market. We will continue to innovate, enriching lives with sustainable, high-quality solutions going forward", concludes Bhavdip.