OTW Fuels: Revolutionizing On-Demand Fuel Delivery Services with Client-Centric Approach

Abhaykumar Bandu Birnale, Kishor Ishwara, Pawar, and Manohar Mahavir Agare,    DirectorsFuel delivery startups have gained popularity due to the convenience they offer customers, who can get their vehicles refueled without leaving their homes or offices. By optimizing delivery routes and reducing the need for traditional fuel stations, these startups are helping to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. Fuel delivery startups are poised to revolutionize the way we fuel our vehicles, and one such startup is OTW Fuels. Based out of Ichalkaranji city of Kolhapur District, OTW Fuels aims to revolutionize the way fuel is purchased, stored, and delivered. OTW is an acronym for ‘On The Way’ and also stands for ‘On The Wheels’. These two phrases emphasize the core of OTW Fuels' business, which is providing fuel delivery services to customers on the go.

Established in 2021, OTW Fuel prioritizes safety and environmental responsibility by using modern fuel trucks with GPS tracking and monitoring systems and following strict protocols for fuel storage and handling. “We at OTW Fuels are committed to providing fuel delivery services to a range of industries including corporates, manufacturing, construction, mining, and fleet.

Our goal is to revolutionize the way fuel is purchased, stored, and delivered, offering a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible solution. We provide diesel delivery services to customers who face difficulties in procuring diesel from retail outlets.
We offer a convenient solution, with supplies as low as 20 liters, directly to schools, hospitals, apartments, and fleets and cars running diesel generators”, speaks Abhay Birnale, Director, OTW Fuels.

The fuel procurement system in India faces various challenges that hamper the extensive market of fuel needs. Adulteration, stealing, storage issues, inferior quality, spills, and catering to remote areas and farmers are some of the significant issues. This process also strains the environment. “To address these issues, the business model that we follow is designed to provide a one-stop shop to slow down India's existing fuel procurement system. Our PESO-approved mobile refuelers, equipped with two dispensers, only dispense diesel within a Geo-fenced region, ensuring no fire hazards. The ATG and density sensors monitor fuel levels and quality, while the Brake Interlock System prevents accidents or damage to property during a fuel delivery”, says Abhay Birnale. With this revolutionary model, OTW Fuels takes care of all fuel requirements while ensuring safety.

OTW Fuel's commitment to timely & reliable service has undoubtedly saved countless lives & businesses

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend of e-commerce and digitization, leading to the rise of doorstep delivery services for various products, including fuel. Diesel, being the most widely used fuel in India is used in various sectors, including transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, textiles, construction sites, and more. Furthermore, the increase in demand for high-speed diesel is expected to put retail outlets under strain. OTW Fuels offers numerous benefits, including saving time and money, reducing spillage and wastage, and providing automated billing and live tracking features.

The firm has demonstrated its commitment to providing timely and reliable service through several instances. “During one stormy night, we delivered diesel to a rural hospital located 15 kilometers away to power their DG set when their electricity poles collapsed, saving the lives of admitted patients. On another occasion, we supplied diesel to a multiplex cinema house when their diesel stock ran out and there was no electricity”, shares Abhay Birnale. The firm also helped one of India's largest hydroponic farms by supplying diesel during a power outage, which saved the lives of countless fish, the backbone of the agricultural ecosystem. OTW Fuel's reliable diesel delivery has been a lifesaver for many. As fuel delivery startups gain popularity, OTW Fuel stands out with its commitment to customer satisfaction making a positive impact.