OutsiteVR : World's first VR Experiential Learning Platform for Architectural Community

Amit Singh,CEO and co-founder

Amit Singh

CEO and co-founder

In India, people have recently started reacting to AR/VR content. Currently, the consumption rate is low but with upcoming economical & improved HMDs available in the market, the consumption rate will be really high in near future. Today, in architecture, real estate development, and construction; building owners request or require demonstration of virtual reality as part of the proposal. Also architectural students lack opportunities to experience the sites/buildings listed in their curriculum during college. Even professionals face difficulties in explaining the scale/proportion/ambience of a space by just drawings and rendered images. In responding to these factors, having experienced it themselves, two young talents from IIT Roorkee, Amit Singh and Mayur Karodia, established VisionArch, a company incubated by Aarambh Ventures and supported by IIT Roorkee, SPA Delhi and INTACH Delhi.

Having already sighted the stage of AR/VR Technology in India, “it was a challenge to start and implement
the business with only 5 out of 100 people knowing about VR and its applications in architecture” says Amit Singh, CEO and co-founder at OutsiteVR. However, with determination and will the duo established VisionArch that has now emerged as a successful venture providing everyone a breathtaking experience of their future homes in VR, “It will be like walking inside the future. VisionArch offerings allow you and your customers to virtually walk into your new structure prior to its construction,” says Amit Singh. The duo has worked with architects and interior designers to convert their designs in VR so that they can actually walk and experience their designs before its execution on site. The company has established a tie-up with hardware (HMDs, etc) companies to provide seamless VR experience to the end users.

VisionArch has now emerged as a successful venture providing every one a breath taking experience of their future homes in VR

With a vision to educate and inspire the roots of future architects of India with VR/AR Tech, the company has recently launched a VR based product OutsiteVR. OutsiteVR ( is the world’s first VR experiential learning
platform for the architecture community through which students/faculty members/professionals can experience sites, buildings and immersive architectural content with VR from anywhere. The platform will be live in January 2017. OutsiteVR is focused on architecturally rich VR content and a hassle free end-to-end VR experience. The content includes VR tour of buildings of contemporary architecture, history of Indian architecture and live case-studies of leading architects and much more. The VR experience provides real scale visuals of buildings and also architectural drawings, details and information about the buildings and also includes responsive audio so that the users can actually get immersed & feel connected to the various spaces.

With a panel of strategic advisors which includes professors and experts from various IITs and several renowned architects of India, OutsiteVR has been successful in providing a unique VR platform for professionals and students. They organise VR workshops in colleges to educate & inspire young minds. Currently, the team is working on incorporating VR in architectural design process and aims to shift to AR in near future. The company has proposed a “VR LAB” in association with Architecture & Planning Department, IIT Roorkee under a MHRD scheme.