OWNDAYS: Own Vision, Own Life

Shuji Tanaka, CEO,Sanjay Malhotra, DirectorThe Indian Eyewear Indus-try has increased ten-fold over the past decade enabling generations to wear the glasses blending in with the latest fashion trends. Also, the use of smartphones, computers as well as smart TVs has increased the probability of eyestrain. The organized marketing strategies and the health awakening has trans-formed this industry into a giant fashion-accessory segment. Being an exponentially growing fashion sector, the Indian eyewear industry is expected to grow at almost 15% CAGR in upcoming years.

Contemplating the booming Indi-an-eyewear industry, a Japanese Eyewear Retail chain, OWNDAYS, entered the Indian market in Jan 2019 with its state-of-the-art Japanese eye-testing technology revolutionizing the Indian eyewear retail's functioning. The Japanese company has 350 retail outlets across 12 countries. OWNDAYS guarantees 20-minute quick pro-cessing of powered lens spectacles and complimentary aspheric single vision lenses within the frame cost ensure lifelong customer relation-ship. OWNDAYS was established in 1989 to serve the end consumer with honesty and trust in providing them with top-quality trendy eye-wear. The company values customers' time
and money and brings an end-to-end solution to their eye-wear needs.

Seeing is Believing!
OWNDAYS offers its customers more than 1500 high-quality fashion frames ranging from basic models to stylish and functional ones to pick from. The company's customer-centric service team guarantees customer satisfaction and on-time eyewear delivery with precision. OWNDAYS is the only company that provides the best quality aspheric single vision lenses with no extra cost to the frame cost.

OWNDAYS boasts the widest range of highest-quality spectacles, powered sunglasses, and sunglasses. The blue shield lenses offered by the company are manufactured in-house. The Japan-based Design team designs the frames and lenses at par with the latest fashion trends. The multi-stage quality checking system ensures the high-quality standards of the company's fashion-forward eyewear products. Also, OWNDAYS is about to launch its range of Contact Lenses soon.

OWNDAYS' simple pricing, value for customers, uncompromising customer service, and quick service are the key aspects in reaching its goal of becoming the number one optical shop chain

OWNDAYS' trained service professionals assist the customers in the selection of frames based upon the universal matching process, assures the quality of the product, explains aspects of materials used, and their longevity. The company's optometrists' team with ultra-modern Japanese technology ensures optimum accuracy while testing. OWNDAYS provides a one-year guarantee for both its frames and the lenses. The company offers eyewear replacement at fifty percent even on accidental breakage.

OWNDAYS has collaborated with Kolkata-based GKB Opticals for its India operations; thus, with Kolkata as its first retail-spot, OWNDAYS has expanded to five more metros including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, and Bangalore. The company is planning to bring its products to e-commerce platforms as well. OWNDAYS offers complimentary cleaning, fitting, and maintenance services for all its eyewear products in all the OWNDAYS retail out-lets around the globe.