Padmajaa Iyer: Creating Clusters Of Conscious Creators Through The Path Of Self-Discovery

 Padmajaa Iyer, Wellness Consultant & Performance Coach

Padmajaa Iyer

Wellness Consultant & Performance Coach

Corporate Wellness has gained the importance of late as an integral part of an organization more so after the pandemic when we saw the masses awaken to the importance of mental health like never before. Corporate wellness consultants aid in the planning, management, and administration of wellness initiatives. They design and offer programs that not only encourage employees to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle choices but also help them strategize, structure, and develop the discipline and other necessary components required for enjoying a high quality life. Such programs are extremely beneficial on various levels and add value to the business of all sizes, sectors, and divisions.

Padmajaa Iyer a Corporate Wellness Consultant and Conscious Leadership Coach, is the Leadership Coach and Performance Consultant at Cab Experiences, Wellness Mentor for the Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy Kolar, Wellness Coach for The Aasraa Trust Dehradun, Lead Wellness at Neurostellar Chennai and a coach and mentor for the CEOs and heads of several organizations and institutions. Having had a successful stint as Head of Wellness at Mu Sigma Business Solutions Bangalore, where she set up a full-fledged wellness program for over 3000 employees. The result was that she was successful in implementing the wellness initiative at work, as a result of her expertise, experience, and most importantly passion for holistic health.

"Since no two people or businesses are a like, Padmajaa Iyer thinks innovation is at the heart of holistic wellness programs"

As Head of Wellness, she helped implement and scale the program seamlessly across the organization. She made asking for help both necessary and normal and helped lessen the stigma and taboo around talking about mental health and well-being in organizations. Following that, she was the COO of Funwise Consulting, a part of the Nithya Shanti foundation. Padmajaa has almost two decades of expertise in providing assistance to people from all walks of life, including working professionals, CXOs and CEOs, senior citizens, schoolchildren, children from underprivileged backgrounds, administrators and employees of educational and sports institutions, celebrities, and other public figures. She also worked briefly as a Montessori school teacher and is a certified student counselor.

"I believe that it is of utmost importance for individuals to be made aware of their inherent potential and enable them to lead a fulfilling and purposeful life", shares Padmajaa Iyer, Wellness Consultant & Performance Coach.

Padmajaa Iyer's work is centered around creating clusters of conscious creators through the path of self-discovery. She believes that by empowering individuals to understand their own potential, they can lead fulfilling and purposeful lives, both on the personal and professional front. Her goal is to assist organizations in changing their workplace culture towards wellness while fostering a sense of community among employees. With her innovative and result oriented approach, Padmajaa Iyer is able to develop mindfulness-based holistic wellness programs that are not only economical but also enriching and impactful for the individual client and the institution as a whole. Padmajaa offers a robust employee assistance program and an array of self-help tools tailored to help employees adopt a holistically balanced and healthy lifestyle. She works as a strategic partner with internal stakeholders, system owners, and leaders to identify the gap between performance competencies and organizational best practices, and develops performance improvement recommendations based on the business.
Padmajaa Iyer's journey toward conscious living began in 1998 when she was diagnosed with a life threatening degenerative illness. The challenge came as a turning point in her life when she realized that she was not ready to give up yet and began to study and investigate life deeply. Her deep dive into self-healing and holistic practices led her to the exploration of many healing modalities where she realized the profound connection between the body, mind, and soul and how one's experience of life is impacted by the beliefs gathered along the way. Conscious living, in Padmajaa’s opinion, is all about taking responsibility for one’s experiences and not living life as a victim to external influences, but developing the ability to tap into the inherent wisdom of the body and knowledge within, that guides them towards their purpose in life and then what they eventually do unfolds effortlessly.

Padmajaa uses digital collaboration tools and her web platform is the primary channel for client engagement as well as servicing

"I am here to guide people into a life of purpose, harmony, and well-being, free from old beliefs and recurring patterns that burden and tire them. My intention is to add value in people’s life”, shares Padmajaa Iyer.

The USP of her work is focusing on the three areas of a human being's life, the past, the present, and the future unburdening oneself from past trauma and baggage with powerful modalities like hypnotherapy and psycho dynamic therapy, unraveling the gift and beauty of the present moment using mindfulness based techniques and unleashing one’s desired future using tools like visualization and other powerful manifestation techniques for goal setting. Since no two people or businesses are alike, Padmajaa Iyer thinks innovation is at the heart of holistic wellness programs.

Padmajaa Iyer holds certifications in several different healing modalities, including Theta Healing from the THINK Institute US, Rebirthing Breathwork International, a qualified therapist in Inner Child Work, and a gold medallist in Past Life Regression Therapy from the Quantum Life University Hyderabad.

Padmajaa sets up zen spaces and plans workshops, seminars, mentoring, and leadership programs. One of the several interesting initiatives she ran while she held the position of Head of Wellness at Mu Sigma Business Solution in Bangalore was to introduce the practice of mindful eating at the cafeteria which help reduce the wastage of food drastically.

Some of her signature initiatives along with several others that are designed to help individuals evolve both personally and professionally are, Unburden Unravel Unleash a self-awareness program that helps build better camaraderie and collaboration in teams, Conscious Communication a program for building empathy and better communication, Conscious Breathing for overcoming anxiety and stress and building focus and productivity, are extremely popular with her clients.

Padmajaa uses digital collaboration tools and her web platform is the primary channel for client engagement as well as servicing. For example, when a user searches for Corporate Wellness Performance Coach on Google, they land on Padmajaa Iyer's website, they either join the Essential Empathy community or schedule a 1-to-1 session, all seamlessly through website WhatsApp integration and digital payment process.

When asked about the future roadmap of her brand, she revealed that she is working with one of the organizations she is associated with, to develop several institutional programs 1-to-many after pioneering hundreds of one-to-one sessions for the last 2 decades. Together, they are at the initial stages of R&D for a tool that will eventually cater to smart hiring processes for HR, Conscious Leadership & Performance Coaching programs. She prefers to work top down, beginning with the leadership and then percolating to the teams to create a deep-rooted culture of conscious leadership, empathy, and psychologically safe workspaces.

She is deeply grateful to her children, family, friends, teachers, and all the individuals who played a vital role in shaping her journey as a wellness mentor and coach.