Paramvir Power Solutions (PPSL): Devising Innovative Energy Solutions with Utmost Diligence

Priyang Doshi ,FounderTechnological improvements in energy storage systems have had a significant impact on market growth in recent years by ensuring the benefits of a continuous energy supply. The growing use of renewable energy sources is increasing demand for renewable energy storage systems around the world.

PPSL is a trusted and reputable player in the engineering, design, manufacturing, and support of highly technical, mission-critical power conversion systems for a wide range of industrial applications, defense, traction, and sustainable energy. Recently, the company has expanded into the hydrogen and energy storage market.

Paramvir's Power Battery Energy Storage Inverter (BESI), for example, is a cost-effective, dependable, and efficient utility-scale energy storage inverter available in both indoor and outdoor variants. PPSL-developed inverters are air-cooled and built for four-quadrant energy storage applications in both grid-linked and microgrid applications, with a highly efficient three-level topology. And to accommodate client demand and front-of-the-meter use, many units can be paralleled together.

Adding to it, the company’s pre-engineered and tailored solutions to meet customer-specific needs, right from inverters, converters, rectifiers, frequency converters, pulse power supply, battery chargers & battery energy storage systems.

“We supply parts to some of the world's most well-known companies.
Our product research and innovation can assist you with all of your power control solutions. We are really lucky to have a fantastic team of professionals who will collaborate with you to spearhead your next product design campaign”, says Priyang Doshi, Founder, PPSL.

“Our workforce is always eager to take on new challenges in order to achieve a higher degree of success. We firmly believe in continually working as a societal obligation to make living more comfortable. To keep our clients pleased, we prioritize achieving uniform quality and creating a quality-first culture. We can confidently claim to offer export-worthy items”, he adds.

Concept to Designing
PPSL delivers superior product engi¬neering, embedded hardware/soft¬ware, and manufacturing services for power products, transforming the client's vision into reality. The company has 200+ man years of R&D experience in building and delivering 150+ design solutions, driving ad¬vancements with in-house hardware and software design skills.

PPSL provides excellent product engineering & related embedded, hardware, & manufacturing services for power products; converting client’s visions into real-world products

PPSL has created a niche for itself in electrical engineering (transient modeling, system protection, and overall system design), mechanical engineering (CFD analysis, HVAC modeling, and Thermal design), controls engineering (Algorithms, Site level controls, Remote monitoring, and Controls Upgrades), and quality control engineering (compliance and certification, factory validation testing, QA/QC program, and vendor evaluation).

The company is backed by a capable engineering team with unparalleled technical skills and experience. Furthermore, PPSL has a robust infrastructure in place, with a vertically integrated manufacturing plant of 10,000 square feet in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. PPSL is the ideal combination of people, processes, and technology, and the company is continually leading industry innovation. To top it all off, it provides complete aftermarket design improvement services and feature upgrades.

“What we do has an effect on the environment around us. Every decision we make is held accountable. We are a part of something far larger than ourselves. We are driven by a sense of purpose and are always thinking and acting aggressively. Every partnership, whether internal or external, represents an opportunity to realize untapped potential. Breakthroughs occur when we ask significant questions. We can be relied on to follow through on our promises”, concludes Priyang.