Parangat: Unparalleled Services Providing Complete Digital Reformation

 By Sahil Gupta,   CEO & Founder

By Sahil Gupta

CEO & Founder

When it comes to a saga of digital apprehension and the development of mobile applications, customers are continuously looking to invest in a one-stop service provider that caters to all their digital presence needs. Parangat Technologies is a fast growing Digital Reformation Company that has earned its reputation as a leading Blockchain solutions provider, IoT solutions company, and Artificial Intelligence Service company. It provides superior services in terms of consultation, designing, development, implementation, support, and marketing, to suit its business objective. "The clients at Parangat have different pain points that need to be resolved with different strategies", says Sahil Gupta, CEO, and Founder of Parangat Technologies.

Established in 2010, Parangat Technologies is a decade old name in the industry. Parangat offers a diverse portfolio to its clients across all verticals including travel, fintech, e-commerce, news, service, consumer apps, health, etc. both locally and globally. A vast global presence of clientele is what sets it apart from its contemporaries. Headquartered in Noida, the company has a registered presence in Australia and Ireland. It has also recently kickstarted operations in Mohali, Punjab.

Consultancy & Guidance Services
Parangat offers a variety of services within and around the Blockchain and Mobile app development industry like UI/ UX Design, Wireframe, Website Design, and Mobile UI Design. It also offers development services like Mobile App Development, Android App Development,iOS App Development, React Native App Development, Web App Development, Open Source & Ecommerce, Blockchain App Development, and Blockchain Consulting Services.

The clients at Parangat have received cumulative funding of 1000 cr. The company takes pride in sharing that the apps developed by Parangat Technologies have over one million downloads collectively on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
When it comes to pain points, the clients have different concerns, coming with good and bad experiences, some are clear with their vision about the required product, while some are not as clear. Unlike many other companies in the industry who often lack transparency in terms of costing and drawbacks in the scope of work, Parangat ensures all the details are well communicated in advance to avoid any confusion in the future and establish a lasting association. "Along the way, we also provide needed consultancy and guidance to them in terms of the technology. I feel, our biggest USP is that we pay close attention to understanding the exact requirements and suggest the way forwards and the right technology accordingly", says Sahil.

The ultimate goal for Parangat is to remain on top of the game and keep perfecting itself

Parangat offers new and trending technologies like NodeJs, ReactJs, VueJs, AngularJs, React Native, Blockchain, and so on. DevOps ensures that the client's products are technologically advanced and remain on top of the game. Parangat is making the most of Full Stack, Mean Stack and Mern Stack technologies for various projects.

Going Forward With 'One Day At A Time'
The biggest USP of Parangat lies in close attention to detail to understand the exact customer requirements and suggest the way forward and the right technology accordingly. Parangat follows an optimized and customized approach based on the client's specifications and requirements. It understands the requirements and then devises a strategy for the needful implementation. For startups, it provides a fixed cost for the entire project. For enterprises, it provides all the time and materials required. It also provides tech training and tech grooming to the employees to assure that they are upskilled and updated.

From time-to-time Parangat keeps bringing in new ideas and innovations to enhance its services. The hardworking team behind Parangat is the one to be credited, as it is the one behind the entire journey, making a difference. "It's the people we work with who make all the difference as every product or service we produce, is a result of their hard work and skill set they have developed over the years", says Sahil. To ensure that all employees are always up to date with the latest technologies and can meet the requirements of the clients, Parangat provides on the job training and encourages them to take up courses and projects which would further brush up their skills and consequently lowers the attrition rate to nil.

It's only through gradual and consistent efforts that one can perfect themselves. Thus, the future roadmap for Parangat is an approach that the company thoroughly believes in ­ One day at a time!