Pathcom Technologies: Tech-Centric Managed Solution provider for Networking, Internet & Video Surveillance services

Antony Jude. A, Founder & CEO

Antony Jude. A

Founder & CEO

Over the projected period of 2022­-2029, the worldwide surveillance and security industry is expected to reach a projected value of $84.91 billion with an estimated CAGR of 9.72 percent. The prevalence of illicit operations, and fraudulent operations around the world as well as strict government regulations have prompted an increase in the use of security systems. Additionally, the growth of smart cities has increased the demand for security measures. An emerging provider of information and communication technology solutions is Pathcom Technologies.

Based in Bangalore since 2019, the firm offers products and services in the areas of the network, communication, IT, and video surveillance technology. The company specializes in System Integration, Technical Support Services, Network Management and Monitoring, Managed Internet Services, Video Surveillance and Traffic Enforcement Services. "Pathcom bring in faster and more reliable solutions with field driven experience skills and a keen understanding of the role of technology in business. Pathcom is fiercely techcentric & agile and are unwaveringly committed in providing the best deployement, uptime and service support to Enterprise, Corporates, SMEs, Educational Institutions and Governments", shares Antony Jude. A, Founder & CEO, Pathcom Technologies.

The firm excels in managed services on Networking, Internet, IT and Video
Surveillance as Pathcom believes constant monitoring & upgrades improves the service avilability. Pathcom is specialized in providing Internet Connectivity Solutions in multiple ways, specially Internet Leased Line services with DLDU (Dual Lastmile Dual Upstream). On the surveillance vertical, it offers a managed service to address a common challenge that has been observed of lack of functionality of the surveillance systems at the time of need. People who install surveillance systems have often found lack of footage caused by various factors and Pathcom seeks to resolve these issues through managed surveillance services.

These managed services allow Pathcom's teams to periodically check the video surveillance systems installed at customer premises, and assess the functionality as required. The teams can assess whether the system is facing any type of trouble and fix it through various methods to ensure the client is getting complete value of the surveillance system at all times. The firm thus has a 24/7 network operation center or monitoring center where in this service is conducted.

"Our Global 24/7 NOC is capable of multi-level monitoring, alerting and generating the automated incidents for any failures. Our GNOC is the multitier center of excellence, designed to manage any IP devices as well as to customize the needs of our clients. Pathcom is a drive towards creating flexible and reliable network infrastructure to meet the needs of business Today and Tomorrow. We are focused on Customer Service through dedicated and qualified professionals who provide quick and timely resolution for the problems and provide economically viable solutions. Pathcom is an authorized partner of various OEMs like CISCO, DELL, HP, FORTINET, AXIS, HONEYWELL, INFINOVA, DAHUA, CPPLUS, SECURUS, MATRIX, NETGEAR, D-LINK and many more. Our mission is growth through customer first approach & quality services. We commit and it's delivered” further shares Antony.

Future Roadmap
Currently the company is handling multiple turnkey projects specializing in Internet Services, Networking, IT Services and Video Surveillance Services for diverse clients in the public sector including airports, power generation plants, and other governmental entities. The firm is actively collaborating with other enterprises and corporates to provide the best-in-class services to all clients across all verticals.

With various opportunities to expand the service range and client portfolio, the company is looking forward to expanding its reach across the length and breadth of India in the coming years. The firm remotely offers a few services to states outside of Karnataka including monitoring, remote hand support, and service support, however, the team plans on expanding reach to more states, and increasing the number of services provided to clients across India.