Peak Tach Engineers: Reliable Technical Service Partner!

Manish Raj,Founder

Manish Raj


Being from a technical background, Dinesh Yadav was well versed with the gap prevailing between reliable technical services and manufacturing industries. During his working tenure, he observed that the sales persons in the segment were not trained and the information passed was often wrong which invited a lot of iterations from the customers and in turn led to a delay in the delivery of the project. All of this prompted Dinesh to do something about the issue and he thought of creating something of his own that would not only bridge this gap but will also add value to the domain. This is what led to the foundation of one of the most successful engineering service start-ups ­ Peak Tach Engineers. "We started with providing customized solutions and services that were based on successful manufacturing point of view. Along with engineering solutions, we have now added value added reseller ship for PTC, Moldex 3D, Compuplast, Autodesk & Intamsys," says Dinesh Yadav, Peak Tach Engineers.

Focused on providing Engineering services and solutions mainly in the areas of CAD/ CAM/ CAE/ PDM/ PLM, IoT and AR to firms in the field of auto-motive, aerospace, heavy engineering, medical devices and home appliances, the company helps organizations in enhancing value in their existing software tools. It also offers diversified and tailor-made customized solutions from concept development to final manufacture and is backed by a highly experienced and
professional team that delivers and manages all its services efficiently and effectively. Being the only company in India that has a complete solution for any manufacturing process related to plastics, the firm believes in real time transparent processing of all kinds of services. What makes the company stay ahead of its competition is its exceptional customer experience which focuses on Reliability, Quality and Cost Efficiency.

Dinesh Yadav, Director

The Roadblocks
From qualifying resources and establishing trust, to volatile service costs, the company has had to face several hardships on its way and faced a struggling time during its founding days. But with a proficient team coupled with a deep technical expertise in their approach, Peak Tach Engineers was able to erect a strong position in the market and establish its success story. The company has now witnessed a tremendous growth since 2017 and saw a jump to 160 per cent sales growth in its operations.

Being the only company in India that has a complete solution for plastics related to any manufacturing process, Peak Tach Engineers believes in real time transparent processing of all kinds of services

It is now catering to over 95 plus customers in India and is focusing on creating new and creative opportunities that will generate revenue by diversification. Expecting to maintain the same growth pitch, the company is aiming for a client base of more than 200. "Currently, we are trying to extend ourselves in training of engineering graduates and making them aware about the current industrial scenario. We are also interested in entering the IoT 4.0 segment and are also going to offer Business Consulting and staffing solutions from this year. We will soon launch our first project in Greece," Dinesh concludes on a proud note.