People Maketh: If Attitudes Maketh a Person, then People Maketh an Organization

 Joel Fernandez,  Founder & Delivery Head

Joel Fernandez

Founder & Delivery Head

People Maketh, founded in the year 2021 is a consulting firm supporting Staffing, Recruitment and vendor sourcing services

Post covid there has been a shift in the work dynamics globally and the impact has been palpable especially in the outsourcing geographies. Though there are many detractors to the remote work and its way of functioning, the model is here to stay. People Maketh ensures this model is effectively and ethically leveraged to ensure organizations find the right talent, partners or consultants.

Unpacking the Narrative
For global organizations sourcing, talent has never been an issue with so many countries opening up as cheaper labour destinations. However, the challenge arises for short term projects or a time bound short gigs or contingent staff. The Tier-I, II or III firms from these so called sourcing destinations shy away from these, as they prefer bigger projects. The advancement in technology enabling remote working has opened up an array of working models and also helped decentralize the resource pool that hitherto was confined to key cities. People Maketh help organizations tap into that large resource pool across geographies. This model is further evolving to not just talent sourcing, but also for short term projects like data migration, product enhancements, legacy system management, short term tech support, and so on.

The remote working model has spawned an array of micro industries that caters to this market. Joel Fernandez, the Founder & Delivery Head of People Maketh, gave us insights into the model and how this will break many norms in the talent sourcing pool
domestically and perhaps globally.Per Joel "For a Sr Tech professional, he now has multiple options rather sunset his career towards retirement during his mid 50s or later. They can now build or sow the seeds towards setting up their own consulting space. Once they their prove their worth and build rapport, the clients would continue to release work and this will help provide them a steady income irrespective of their age and as long as they keep themselves updated. There is also another group who prefer only contract work to build a consulting profile or looking towards the better work life balance”.

For a Sr Tech professional he now has multiple options rather sunset his career towards retirement. They can now build or sow the seeds towards setting up their own independent consulting space

Joel decided to venture into the entrepreneurial space after having spent two decades in the industry. "Cometh a time in ones life, when you stop enjoying what you do and resultant soul searching or quest for trying out something you haven't done. Mine came after completing two decades in corporate. I wanted to slow down and do things that I enjoy, like more family time, reading, riding and catching up with friends. I did that for couple of months and then the thirst to get back came sooner. It was easy for me to get back to corporate given the strong relationships I built, but I wanted to venture into a different arena The consulting space. I always believed that good networking always come handy and is now a key element in helping take ones aspirations forward. Fortunately, I had friends who helped me during the learning process and well wishers who gave me the confidence".

People Maketh's journey was not the smooth ride - "The first 10-12 months was the most rugged. It's the phase where you are really tested. So many thoughts come across. During the phase, I spent maximum time in learning and literally dedicated time for it and when I look back it helped in a big way . We are now close to break even and with a new center registered in Canada. We are busy, enjoying the ride and taking the race in small sprints. The bigger picture will emerge soon - God Willing".