Phinomial: Transforming Industries With Data Science & Analytics

 Kamal Oza,  Co-Founder & Director

Kamal Oza

Co-Founder & Director

Businesses today are leveraging advanced analytics to gain a competitive edge, enhance customer experiences, and make informed decisions. The adoption of Machine Learning and AI is a prevailing trend, allowing for predictive analytics and automation. However, data management, security and the shortage of skilled professionals remain as significant challenges. Companies believe they have a lot of data which if mined will be extremely useful. However, in reality, it turns out that the data is inconsistent or of poor quality. The oil that the companies claim they have itself needs lots of harnessing and cleaning. This is where Phinomial (formerly Danalytx) steps in as one of the unique companies in India that invests in data management, data analytics and the science behind it.

Phinomial is an experienced and skilled partner for businesses, offering transformative solutions to business challenges while ensuring data security. With expertise spanning fintech, retail, and ecommerce domains, the firm harnesses data sources, focusing on the success of clients and propelling them to an optimized data-driven state. This dedication ensures tech and consulting investments pay for themselves, making the progress sustainable and profitable.

With a deep understanding of diverse industries, Phinomial leverages a comprehensive spectrum of cutting-edge technologies to advance solution accuracy and quality. From Machine Learning and AI to Visualization tools and robust Data Science

tools, its expertise spans across a wide array of domains. Additionally, the firm’s proficiency in scalable cloud services enables it to craft holistic solutions, rooted in strong business understanding and precise KPI insights.

“Analytics is an evolving field. We learn every day. Mostly use cases or applications of data analytics. So, while we have great knowledge of the science, for the application of this science, we evolve and co-create with our clients, both existing as well as new ones. We take it upon ourselves to solve our clients' business problems through data science", shares Kamal Oza, Co-Founder & Director, Phinomial.

Foundation Journey & Future
Born from the challenges posed by Covid, this dynamic venture was conceived by two Co-founders whose diverse backgrounds merged seamlessly. The firm’s journey began years ago, with one honing marketing & entrepreneurial expertise and the other delving into Data Science within the retail industry. After individual forays into American and Middle Eastern ecommerce giants, the duo reunited in 2020, fueled by a shared passion for technology. Phinomial’s impressive ascent, from a small initial client to a rapidly expanding business, occurred solely through word of mouth perpetuated by highly satisfied clients. Achieving recognition as a top 10 Analytics Startup in such a short journey stands as proof of the firm’s passion and success.

Our mission is to democratize data science and data analytics as in dedicated to render globally latest cutting-edge analytical solutions at affordable indian rates

“Our mission is to democratize Data Science and Data Analytics as in dedicated to render globally latest cutting edge analytical solutions at affordable Indian rates. We are keen about making Data Science benefits available for all! Furthermore, our vision is to be an Analytics Player of Global Repute- put India up there on the global Big Data Map (The ‘Neeraj Chopra’ of Analytics)”, shares Kamal.

In a bold leap towards global expansion, the company is set to venture into two international markets the Middle East and Southeast Asia, this year. Phinomial’s ambitious vision encompasses quintupling its business growth and diversifying the service offerings by incorporating three additional business categories. Embracing a productized service approach, the firm remains staunchly committed to the bootstrapped roots and unwavering agility in adapting to dynamic changes in both technology and the business landscape. Having positioned itself prominently in the Indian market, the firm is poised to rocket to the global top in no time.