Pikbuk: Digital Photo Printing Company Offering Personalized Photo Books

Amit Jain, CEOThere is no denying that the gesture of presenting gifts is one of the integral aspects of our lives. The essence of any special occasion is rightly upheld through gifts. Today, the gesture of gifting is not restricted to special occasion, rather it is considered as a benevolent gesture to say you care! Today, customers are open to wide options of gifting ideas both through online and offline retail which delivers great value capturing eternal bond and moments through a customized gift token. This is a golden opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to venture into the online gifting segment, where they can grow and create new success stories. There are many of such online ventures out there that are coming up with unique and unconventional customized gifting ideas' many that can turn photos into beautiful gifts, like photo books, calendars and canvas prints, and more. One such venture is Pikbuk Technology that believes in providing a leading edge to the concept of preserving picture memories via personalized picture book.

Pikbuk was created in 2016 with a vision to treasure every moment of life in the form of beautiful Photo Books, Piktiles, Pikprints, Canvas so on. The company is committed to provide a hassle free and convenient platform by which customers can get their
photos printed at any time anywhere through its apps and website. Pikbuk has made it very easy for its customers to bring their photographs alive in form of various products such as Photo books, Piktiles as well art, photo prints and accessories. "Our agenda of endowing our clients with the personalized photo books are mainly to bring the brightest of grin on your faces while leafing all the way through your captured memories," says Amit Jain, CEO, Pikbuk Technologies.

Pikbuk app seamlessly allows the user to upload their photographers on its servers. All the photos are converted into online photo books, piktiles, photo prints automatically. The online files reaches the printing press using self developed software, the delivery partners pick up and deliver the product straight from the printing press. All this is done using no manual interference and lean staff team for controlling cost and increasing profitability. AI based software is used to make sure proper placement of photographers in the product. High standard quality checks are the only manual process involved.

Pikbuk Technology believes in providing a leading edge to the concept of preserving picture memories via personalized Picture book.

Embarking on the Journey
The foundation of Pikbuk was laid in 2016 by a team of tech enthusiasts headed by Amit Jain. "The plan was to venture in an e-commerce company to avoid head on competition with the big players. This was only possible when the saleable products were customized and not available off the shelf and are pocket friendly. We made sure our products could be easily delivered throughout the country without the hassle of refund or expiry date," he mentions.

The company had its share of problems at the inception and development stage mostly related to the development of the app and website which required advanced technology. Initially, experienced engineers did not want to join startups, arranging funding was a challenge getting the right vendors to print was another big challenge.

However with relentless efforts and the go getter spirit of the team, Pikbuk has overcome all these challenges. Pikbuk has the potential to be a market leader in Photo printing & gifting industry. The company looks forward to a turnover of USD 3 million in the next two years with 125 percent PBT.