Piscium Health Sciences: Solving Common Dental Problems Through Leveraging Breakthrough Innovations

Malay Dikshit,  FounderThe Indian dental sector is thriving and expected to expand and experience exponential growth in the future. The Indian dental sector is predicted to increase by 30 percent YoY and is currently worth $2B. Established in 2017, Piscium is providing the standout solution and ensures high-quality services to the patient at an optimum cost.

The transformation of cutting edge concepts into commercially viable goods is subtle and takes a different sort of effort, knowledge, and enthusiasm, even if they may have been validated scientifically on the bench. “We are obsessed to deliver science in the form of high quality products that take the dental craft to a whole new level. Through our R&D processes, Piscium aims to unearth state-of the-art concepts developed by the scientific and medical fraternity in India and deliver world class products”, says Malay Dikshit, Founder, Piscium Health Sciences.

Piscium is starting with dental devices and plans to expand to bothdental and medical devices. The company finds the gap in the dental market and designs its products after rigorous research and consultation with doctors. “Using our expertise in Nanotechnology, micro machining, and formulation, we make a proof of concept, put
it through trials, and post successful trials go for regulatory clearances. We have several dental products in the market, including our unique Nano Diamond burs, carbide burs, and dental alginates, all of which are doing rather well. We also deliver customized designs for dentists. We have also recently begun white labeling our products. Our expertise and speed in taking ideas from the lab to the marketplace are what set us apart”, speaks Dr. Trupta Dikshit, Co-Founder, Piscium Health Sciences.

Our expertise and speed in taking ideas from the lab to the marketplace are what set us apart

The company has a vibrant team with experience in R&D, Medical sciences, Engineering, Sales & marketing, and business management. It is an incubatee of SINE IIT Bombay and is supported by BIRAC, Zera Ventures, E10 Ventures, Keiretsu Forum, and Friends and Family. The founder of the company Malay Dikshit brings to the table a rich experience in technology and marketing and is supported by Dr. Trupta Dikshit, who has been a university topper, a thriving doctor, and has great market insights and a vast network. The skill set and vast experience of the members give them an edge over other companies. The company has two strong products in the market which are testimony to its scientific temperament, systematic approach, and willingness to continuously improve its products. The company develops dental items by extensive, researchled processes,thus its ahead of its counterparts in developing complex indigenous products. After Dental Burs and Alginates, it's looking at Ortho and Neuro Surgical Burs, Root Canal Files, Silicon Putty, Composites, and Implant. The company has been recognized among the top 10 booming biotech companies in 2021 and 2022.

Path Ahead
The organization is building the appropriate ecosystem of vendors that will aid the firm in implementing its innovation pipeline while also expanding its capacity. Additionally, it is steadily expanding its distribution footprint. Five years from now, the business would have operations on all five continents and in India. By building a platform for reaching out to the entire nation and even the world with cutting-edge products, it is on its way to becoming an idea magnet for ground-breaking R&D in medical sciences.