Playtonia: An Initiative For All Esports Enthusiasts to Not Only Play But Also Get Rewarded

The gaming industry in India is estimated to be valued at 1.89 billion USD in 2020, and it is expected to reach USD 4.01 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 16.22% over the forecast period 2021 - 2026. With the gaming ecosystem growing immensely over the past few quarters, the opportunities are endless in the industry. Quick enough to cash on the rising opportunities in the gaming market, a team of four multi talented people with skills ranging from designing, movie making, developing hardware and software established Playtonia a technology platform provider for eSports with amazing features that focuses on promoting and organizing eSports leagues.

With its users varying from huge scale of casual gaming community to the dedicated eSports enthusiasts, Playtonia strives with a vision of simplifying complex gaming industry, be it casual gaming, professional esports, development in technology, media requirement or even setting up bases for learning & development, esports lounges or digital & virtual intellectual properties. The firm is constantly aiming to build a strong convening industry no less than other areas of its expertise, where all their differences can help them achieve goals in a collaborative way through various avenues of approach, research & understanding to bring out the best possible experiences.

"Our platform provides ease of access to gamers in terms of simplifying information rather than navigating through a sea of information. Also, by generating exclusive content & by adding a touch of ingenious technology, the whole gaming community is represented through the work rendered. We do not discriminate by bordering or demarcating each one's expertise but learn from each other. A gamer understands another gamer’s needs, similarly, the gaming community provides all the expertise required in terms of talent management, league management & other required areas", speaks Chaitanya G, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Playtonia.

A Notch Higher than the Rest
Set up in 2016, Playtonia's focus is to develop more and more opportunities for gamers and make India a global leader in esports. It's an initiative for all esports enthusiasts to not only play but also get rewarded, and there in lies the objective of Playtonia. "At Playtonia, we have been leaving no stone unturned when it comes to promising quality user experience. Hence, we have been organizing numerous events under different categories such as Online/offline leagues under multiple genres of games, curation of gaming platforms to deliver needs in the
industry, Esports cafe events, curation of media assets utilizing cutting edge technology are some of our strong points. Also, we have been ensuring that our unique platform stands out in terms of service provision for gamers who truly believe making an impact through gaming", highlights Sanupam Samantaray, Co Founder, Playtonia.

Over time, the Gaming Community of India has seen a lot of growth and this has been due to the active participation of gamers and Quality World Class Events. What makes Playtonia unique is the idea of foundation which until execution follows only one simple rule "By Gamers, For Gamers", thus, serving as a one stop solution for all gaming needs. "Our foundational ideology has been a game changer for us. This has helped gamers get the deserved respect & expertise which is no less than an athlete. The time they spend playing and enhancing their skills are to be rewarded, hence with our events and tournaments, we take every effort to make them feel recognized. To add to this, ours is a unique platform providing a place for the gamers to connect like minded people, grow together and have fun while gaming", mentions Prasanna Kumar T E K, Co Founder, Playtonia.
Chaitanya G,Co-Founder & Managing Director
Moving Ahead with Higher Objectives
With its team of skilled professionals, the team of Playtonia has been ever growing since inception. Currently based out in India, Playtonia also has its operations spread across Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, U.K & U.S. With its rich clientele, Playtonia's serving is segregated to Endemic & Non Endemic to gaming, ranging from Gaming Publishers, Mobile phones, F&B, Hotels, Media (Print & FM) Digital, Hardware & software partners, Peripherals, Automobile, Banking & Payment Gateways.

Talking about the future roadmap of the firm, Sanupam Samantaray, Co Founder & Creative Director, Playtonia says, "We at Playtonia have always believed in simple ideas. Our growth is attributed to the intuitive resources. Simplifying content generation & bringing Avantgarde innovation to the industry is Playtonia's target. Moving ahead, we aspire to Venture into new heights with multiple facets under our business sleeve which is currently being implemented to amplify the ecosystem, growth comes naturally with varied expertise & distinct perception." Abhijit Pattanaik, Co Founder & Chief Gaming Officer, Playtonia concludes, "Among all the plans, some of our top focus areas for future include implementing and maintaining Unique content, expanding the use of Seamless technology to assure unique experiences. We also wish to set up esports experience zones in multiple public places spread across different countries, this would give more opportunities for gamers to not just involve with Playtonia but also compete with other player. Also, we are working towards adding more features which would be based on subscription & socializing features. Fit Esports is also one of our focus areas for the times to come."