PLUGN Marketing Services: Accelerating Business Growth!

Rajesh Puri, Director – Marketing Strategy
Rajesh Puri, Director – Marketing Strategy

The small and mid-size companies are often considered to be an important engine for country’s developments. Though the companies possess an enormous appetite for growth, in most cases, they are found to be squeezed by the effects of an increasingly tough global competition and challenges thrown by larger and established domestic brands. To cope up with the pressures while continuing to sustain growth, they need to improve their operating efficiency. That’s where the setting up of a marketing department within the SMEs comes into play. Considered to be a crucial aspect, this at the same time is fraught with varied impediments ranging from attracting and retaining quality professional talent, adapt to the expectations of the promoter of the organization to talent acquisition costs. Moreover, most SMEs are of the belief that marketing as a function comes with a baggage of heavy expenditures and with no assurance on quantifiable results for increasing the top line growth.

Breaking this misbelief, a bunch of passionate professionals who have honed their skills across diverse functional disciplines such as marketing strategy planning,
research, and sales strategydecided to address these specific issues and challenges through establishing a marketing agency–PLUGN. “At PLUGN, we are driven by the single belief to drive growth for the client partners. Our core intent and philosophy is to work closely with the promoters of the mid-sized organizations in ensuring their growth either by increasing their sales turnover or market expansion,” says Rajesh Puri, Director – Marketing Strategy.

Marketing Strategy + Implementation = Measurable Results
Conceptualised to function as a marketing department of the organization, PLUGN strives to drive growth by developing and implementing marketing strategies that are measurable and result oriented.Unlike other consultants or advisers, it not only develops the growth strategy but critically implements it with giving a complete accountability to the promoters of the organization.

From setting up, operating and becoming a marketing wing, PLUGN fulfils the industry needs by focusing on the key results areas. “We operate and drive the marketing department for organizations across sectors, where the marketing department is non-existent or sub-optimal. Also, we plan the growth marketing strategy in such a manner that it is accountable for the implementation of the marketing plan and aligns well with the top line,” asserts Rajesh.

Distinct Business Model
Team PLUGN firmly believes that marketing as a function creates
value and a positive pre-disposition to engage multiple stakeholders such as existing& prospective employees, business & trade partners, regulatory bodies governing policies, general public and others.

The company believes that the most crucial step relies in setting up mutually agreed sales targets, and develops a marketing strategy accordingly. “Once the plan is presented to the client along with proposed marketing budgets and resources, we finalize both the aspects and then execute, monitor and measure the performance on a monthly basis with complete accountability,”says Rajesh.

He further adds,"Right from the planning stage to implementation, we ensure better cohesiveness and smooth implementation of the marketing plan."

PLUGN’s core value proposition purely depends on managing and driving the sales team of the client along with helping them set up the distribution channel across industries. Institutionalized as a marketing department at a fraction of a cost of setting up a full-fledged employee based department, PLUGN strives to de-risk the clients from a financial stand point in terms of the cost outlay. The commercials of PLUGN are a 2 tier structure – Effort and Growth Fee. "This structuring creates a win - win situation and motivates the client and helps us focus on growth," states Rajesh. In the near future, the company seeks to expand their operations across emerging cities which are fertile with SME companies harbouring dreams to increase their market presence.