PlugXR: A Cloud-based AR SaaS Platform Creating Seamless Experiences

Shivaji Yerra,Founder & CEO

Shivaji Yerra

Founder & CEO

Augmented reality has turned out to be a phenomenon that finds its application in our workaday life. This transformation has taken place in recent years, which is a seamless combination of the real and virtual world. All businesses target to reach their clients through inter-active means, and AR is considered as one of the best forms to reach the targeted audiences by bringing the vision to reality. The thought of instigating PlugXR struck Shivaji Yerra ­ a tech entrepreneur with over six years of experience in AR, VR, and MR­ in 2013. A spark of passion for immersive technologies gave birth to PlugXR in-tending to expand and accelerate the XR market. The vision of the company was to empower people's creativity to its full potential and augmenting what they love.

PlugXR is a cloud-based AR SaaS platform that provides an end-to-end solution for clients while saving nearly 70 per cent of cost and time. The company has a vast and diverse experience in every vertical of XR creation that has been the backbone in supervising all the projects and finishing it at a faster pace. It is a Silicon Valley startup with headquarters based in the U.S., sales department in Sweden, and R& D centre in Hyderabad. The parent company Innovare IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2015 with a team of two founders, five developers,
and served four clients. PlugXR delivered its first AR product, `Omar' in 2014. The enterprise has served 55+ clients to date, and 25+ countries have been augmented. With an average of 25-30 customers subscribing to the plat-form every day, it currently has 2500+ subscribers. At present, PlugXR is a team of 50+ employees serving clients across India, the U.S., UAE, Sweden, and Canada. The Times of India, Times of Oman,, Government of Orissa, Government of Telangana are some of its major clients. "We have an experienced panel with 18+ years of relevant experience in technology, marketing, and finance. Our team is constantly innovating for five years with a mission to convert the vision into reality," says Shivaji, Founder & CEO, PlugXR.

With an average of 25-30 customers subscribing to the platform every day, PlugXR currently has 2500+ subscribers

There are many businesses which wanted to incorporate AR into their products to boost sales and enhance consumer engagement. The thing that was pulling them back is the high cost, time and dependency that was involved in it. PlugXR creator plat-form helps to create immersive and advanced AR experiences and apps with easy drag and drop options without any coding skills. Now businesses can opt for PlugXR without worrying about the time and cost of development. It eliminates the hassle of separate development processes for Android and iOS and provides cross-platform development support. There is easy migration between SDKs that will avoid any loss of progress. It provides advanced analytics that will help to have proper understanding with advanced animations, events, and assets which is very beneficial for the clients. All the above features have benefited the clients by allowing them to develop an AR app with 10x speed compared to other providers in the market. PlugXR has taken several initiatives and projects for universities, schools, tourism, government, and elections. It has developed an AR educational kit for students that produced information on the object seen from the camera for the Government of Orissa, which led to higher under-standing and retention of concepts. It has also created awareness during elections and running various aware-ness campaigns. With other plans, PlugXR is aiming to make AR accessible and affordable to three million+ XR users across industries by 2020. It also plans to expand its team size and establish offices globally.