Poised Media: Changing the Grounds of Marketing through Digital Research & Innovations

Jay Thadeswar,Founder & CEO

Jay Thadeswar

Founder & CEO

While every industry is struggling with a growth rate of 5-10 percent, the digital media is booming high with 40 percent growth rate. As the internet population is increasing at a tremendous pace, every analogue business is going digital and the demand for aggressive digital marketing is on all-time high. Cashing on the opportunity,Jay Thadeswar(CEO) founded Poised Media in 2015 as a 360° digital marketing service agency. Based in Mumbai, the company provides specialised services in technology driven innovative & cross platform digital campaigns that enable brands to take customer engagement and conversions to a totally different level, all at an affordable price tag.

Poised to Innovate

From its humble beginning of working with startups to partnering with industry giants, Poised Media has made a name for itself in the market. Today the company offers everything in the spectrum of digital marketing, right from crafting out integrated campaigns
to end–to-end execution - be it effective design, web developments, micro content creation, online brand building, social media marketing, ROI driven campaign, SEM, SEO, social selling or related services.Poised even offers extensive market research services for a new brand or line of product, leveraging the bulk quantum data available in the public domain.

Poised’s experience on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp allows the brands to understand the customers on a highly sophisticated and personalized manner

The company’s immense experience in mobile based interactive solutions, especially on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp allow the brands to understand the customers on a highly sophisticated and personalized manner. In fact, Poised is the first agency in India to launch a campaign on Facebook’s Messenger App. Poised is the only agency in India that develops Whats App based interactive chatbots for research, branding, sampling and engagement.“A lot of new innovations and niche formats in digital marketing have enabled us to reach out to even the slimmest audience in a sophisticated and detailed way,”
quotes Jay sighting on new innovations. The highly experienced professionals at Poised are well equipped to glance the insights and perspectives of the customers ensuring the brand to remain at the top of the game with the support of social media and ROI driven media strategy.

Poised has worked with a number of clients across industries like FMCG, BFSI, e-Commerce, real estate, healthcare,travel, education, services and many more. Company’s esteemed clientele includes larger brands in the likes of Cadbury, Oreo, Nestle US, Saffola, Godrej, Livon, Parachute, Madison Media, MT Educare Ltd. and several brandsfromUAE.In an instance, to facilitate Oreo’s Tiffin Tricks campaign, the company developed an interactive content structure and delivery mechanism to deliver 20 Oreo recipes seamlessly on WhatsApp in a highly personalised manner, which resulted in one-to-one interaction with 6000 ladies.

Down the Road

Currently operational from offices in Mumbai and Gandhinagar, Poised opened up its very first office in Dubai this October. Since, marketing is a very creative and innovation oriented job, Poised is in search of right talent who would accustom to their culture and come with a precise skill set. And with brands increasing their budget on digital media marketing, Jay and his team of aficionados have narrowed their focus to be the innovation leader in this segment.