Polus Software: Providing All-Inclusive Administration Solution

Sabari Nair, Chairman & CEO

Sabari Nair

Chairman & CEO

Have you ever sensed that applications that run businesses are undergoing profound changes? What about major trends in terms of enterprise software and buyers in today’s technology-centric world? As enterprise world is turning into an immense arrangement, the online statistics portal Statista estimated that global revenue for enterprise application software will reach $201 billion by 2019. In this quickly moving line of business, it is imperative for schools, Universities and interest-based user groups to have a full-gown framework to coordinate everything they need. Sensing these facts, a global software solutions & product development company Polus Software was incepted by Sabari Nair in 2003 in U.S. The soon growing popularity led the company open its development centre in India in 2009.

Shaped its carter with an untainted twist of fate, Polus today stands tall in the niche soil of research administration where they have robust functional expertise. Instead of measuring its success by the number of customers it has acquired, Polus lays emphasis on building long-term relationships with
its customers and keeping them delightful. This philosophy has
bestowed Polus with numerous top-notch clients worldwide including MIT, Coeus Consortium, Purdue University, and Sidra Medical Research Center across U.S., Middle East, Germany and Malaysia.

Polus fore sees a huge potential for both of its products in Europe, Australia, Middle East and South East Asia, thus expecting its market to double within two years

The Innovative Offerings

Embedded with a blend of onsite/off-shore service model, the company offers web applications in the domains of Higher Education, Research Administration, Travel and Tourism, Industrial Automation, e-Learning, Product Manufacturing and many more. Its product Fibi – a New Gen Electronic Research Administration Suite keeps track of the entire research lifecycle with much needed features such as creating proposal for research project, managing grants, Compliance modules including IRB, IACUC and financial Conflict of Interest management.

Additionally, Podium – its community oriented platform for school, enables understudies, instructors and parents to share data at any point of time and place. The company also develops mobile applications for Android: Micro eRA, iPhone: ieRA and others that have
considerable fame in the market today. Sabari Nair, Chairman & CEO, Polus Software says, "Primarily our domain was limited to U.S. Universities. However, we took the product to other geographical locations like Middle East, Germany and Malaysia when the demand emerged".

Indomitable Work Culture

Polus has almost 70 ingenious, extremely loyal work forces, most of whom have been with the company since inception. Polus trusts them to make decisions such as required training and new technologies to be used in the product. Dwelling in the friendly, homely and prosperous work culture, the company organizes several extracurricular activities to motivate its employees and to build a closed group within the company. Polus also believes that keeping employees happy within and outside the company is one of the most imperative aspects; hence the company maintains its work culture truly adaptable and encourages its people to participate in CSR activities that would bring peace to their minds.

Future Roadmap

Concerning its future, Polus foresees a huge potential for both of its products in Europe, Australia, Middle East and in South East Asia, thus expecting its market to double within two years. The company is planning to enlarge its workforce to exceed 100 by next April. Polus also anticipates acquiring a solid product company that provides a host of solutions in this field.