PopcornStay: Providing home away from home choices

Sujit Yadav & Kavita Yadav,Co-FoundersNever before have there been so many people living far away from their native states. Unemployment, lack of healthy lifestyles, violence and armed conflicts, environmental problems, a lack of economic perspectives all these factors have led to the rapid growth of migration in the recent times. Every minute, 25-30 people are migrating to Indian cities from towns or from one state to the other to pursue higher education, search good job opportunity and lifestyles. The story of Sujit Yadav is no exception. Sujit shifted to Raipur to pursue his graduation degree. The major problem that he encountered during this time was that of finding a suitable and affordable accommodation. Reality hit him when he failed to locate a proper accommodation or sometimes it was just lack of amiable cotenants, or unavailability of transportation facilities. He realized there were other students as well who encountered similar problems. This bothered him much. Eventually, he along with his partner Kavita Yadav Kavita decided to start a business in which modern life accommodation facility can be booked through online mode. This marked the beginning of PopcornStay, a discovery online platform offering comprehensive list of student housing (Hostel, PG, ROOMS) and Rental Home all through an App, available for both Male and Female (Students and working professionals). "Pune is the educational capital of India. Students and international students come here to pursue their higher studies. Their basic need is to avail the student accommodation or co-living as per their choice where they get the basic amenities and where they can complete their studies without any problem. Based on this basic Idea of business, we have started our
activities in Pune,"says Sujit.

PopcornStay is a leader in providing homely accommodation facilities with modern amenities

PopcornStay is a leader in providing homely accommodation facilities with modern amenities. It offers comprehensive solutions to its clients where they can see, book their accommodation through website. "After booking and generation of user ID through our system, the clients are able to download our application. They can avail all the facilities like transaction details, raising any issue or complaint and monitoring their status. The modern amenities like Washing machine, Fridge, Wi-Fi, Cooking Gas Cylinder and Housekeeping are already provided to tenants in each and every accommodation," he informs. PopcornStay furnishes service apartments, exclusive, luxurious accommodations at an affordable price with good amenities and features without any brokerage cost. It proffers fully furnished and accommodations at low security deposit that comes with free Wi-Fi, Kitchen, Water, Security, Beds, and Cupboards. "Our brand has already been quite popular among students already and our next target is working professionals mostly employed in IT Industries and service industries. We are focusing on students segment to provide them suitable co-living on yearly basis and for working people we are ready to provide them on monthly basis as per their budget,"he adds.

Kavita Yadav, Co-Founder

The Growth
Till date, PopcornStay has provided accommodation with 500 beds in Pune. Further the team plans to increase i increase its capacity up to 4000 beds to 5000 beds till 2021. In the year 2019, the company has achieved revenue generation of Rs 4,00,00,000 by end of October. Currently it operates in Pune how ever by year 2020 it plans to start in Bangalore and other two major cities.

In the coming years, the company would start online food facility for students/working people. "We are ready to launch our new website and the mobile application compliant with IOS and Android operating systems in the month of December 2019. We are also working on providing personal accident cover to each student or working person,"he concludes.