Prinseps: An Avant-Garde Auction House Redefining Artistry

Brijeshwari Kumari Gohil,DirectorArt and books are critical elements of any society. Art and books are universal ways for people to express themselves and share their feelings with the rest of the world in our modern society. It is an important way to connect with others, especially during times of crisis. Furthermore, it allows people to connect on a deeper level, whether by speaking your language or visualizing your thoughts differently. Some artworks speak to people more than others, and everyone has a piece of art that is especially meaningful or special to them.

Established in the year 2017, Prinseps has been entirely focused on preserving modern and contemporary Indian art through a combination of online and physical auctions. Prinseps is a cutting-edge auction house that celebrates discerning luxury and takes pride in being a research-focused auction house with an exceptional archive and library.

"We've worked with modern art, contemporary art, and antique books. Over the last five years, we've sold over 400 artworks and numerous rare books.
So, over the years, we've managed to establish a reputation of trust and we take pride in being a platform for discovery and research", highlights Brijeshwari Kumari Gohil, Director at Prinseps.

"We try to glorify and identify artists who were not recognised for their achievements during their lifetime. For example, Bhanu Athaiya was the first Indian to win an Oscar for costume design. Her work in the film 'Gandhi' earned her the 55th Academy Award in the category of 'Best Costume Design'. Her daughter handed over her estate to us, and we documented it all and have been conducting an auction for it. We are curating an exhibition on the artist to be conducted January 2023 at the Bikaner House, Delhi", she adds.

Prinseps continues to foster research, curation, and further discovery within the art world, having hosted multiple auctions to date. Following the first auction, in which Prinseps was entrusted with artworks from the estate of Rathindranath Tagore (son of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore), subsequent auctions have brought together the leading names in modern and contemporary art, backed by strong provenances and publication details. Prinseps has evolved over time to become a one-stop shop for collectors and connoisseurs.

As a research oriented auction house, we try to glorify and identify artists who were not recognized for their achievements during their lifetime

“Going forward, we would prioritize growth in both the physical artwork space and the NFT space. We held our first NFT auction in the art world. We have launched our first NFT auction in the art world. We believe that art exists in both physical and digital forms. We also believe in the metaverse, and believe that many of our artworks, both physical and digital, will be displayed and sold through the network. We anticipate that our elves and the company will change the game and bring new innovations in web 3.0", concludes Brijeshwari.