Prisma Global : Limited Pioneer of a Robust Visual Search Engine

Amitabh Roy Chowdhury, Group, CooIn India, in the coming years, the scope for AR/VR will be soaring high. However, there are a number of challenges that AR and VR vendors have to face in order to thrive in the Indian market. One of the first challenges is perception. People talk in number of download. There is definitely a download challenge because of bandwidth or storage. There is also the challenge to make the user retain the app from a utility perspective. Finally, AR is being perceived as a value added marketing tool instead of a complete marketing solution. At Prisma Global Limited, one of the pioneers in AR technology, designing solutions addressing the above challenges has been a driving force behind their products. A distinguishing feature around the structure of the solution is the capability to work offline with user friendly apps.

Prisma Global Limited is the outcome of a vision to develop a visual platform for search engine. The promoter had developed the technology for a German company Prisma GmbH. Entire team of Prisma Global Ltd. And Prisma
Gmbh has successfully developed a visual platform. The core competencies involve the provision of Visual Recognition and Augmented Reality solutions, business intelligence, document management [ECM] and interface management. This technology is the future. Any interface can be plugged in to create the reality or seek information. The inspiration was to create a visual recognition platform and Prisma did it.

Prisma has developed services to enable brands to create eye-catching visual experiences that will leave viewers overwhelmed

Prisma has patented robust visual search engine “Gryphos” which triggers the AR output and helps to give the immersive experience. Gryphos is an Visual Search algorithm conceived and developed by Prisma. Gryphos, as a Recognition platform, facilitates building solutions that work seamlessly by matching images and delivering the right results in real time. It is an advanced mobile Visual Recognition platform offered to business houses and brands to showcase their authentic content. Taking Visual Recognition to the next level, the platform delivers stunning Augmented Reality.

Prisma has developed services to enable brands to create eye-catching visual experiences that will leave viewers
over whelmed. Prisma’s Mass Augmented Reality is an astounding platform with a seamless blend of the virtual world with the real world. This technology functions as an effective promotional- cum- information tool, providing a stimulating and immersive experience to a mass audience.

Realtors of the current period should consider themselves lucky to be present in the period of AR/VR technology. Prisma’ Experience Center is a special multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously to form one large screen. A room would be installed with digital screens covering the walls, ceiling and floor. Through an external triggering mechanism, the room would be converted into an office or flat, as desired. An Experience Center strategically located at the sales office, is a ‘must have’ to promote the dynamic and robust construction plans for an upcoming project.

In the coming years, Prisma aims to take a journey leading to become a promising platform for visual recognition. Prisma has been successful in implementing the platform and technology in various sectors in Europe, US, Australia. The platform shall create the buzz for all industries for information seeking and Augmented Reality Application.