Programmatic India Technologies: Pioneering Data Based Marketing via Future-Ready AdTech Solutions

 Mehool Parekh,   FounderThe total advertising market in India stood at $11 billion in 2021, out of which 37 percent comprised of digital ads market. Adtech has gained considerable momentum in India recently, as investment in the segment has spiked by 208 percent to $8 million in CY21. However, while the industry continues to grow, industry stakeholders believe that the adoption is still slow due to the pricing model.

Based out of Mumbai, Programmatic India Technologies Pvt.Ltd. [PI] is a programmatic `Demand Side Platform [DSP]' that solves this problem by providing an advertiser with more than 33,000 audience segments across behavioral, intent and geospatial categories. The firm offers an omni channel digital media buying platform, supported by AI-driven cross device, cross format advertising campaigns precisely targeting the right consumers.

Talking about the growing market of AdTech in Indian advertising industry, Mehool Parekh, Founder says, "As more and more consumers spend more and more time outside social media on other platforms like their apps, games, streaming services, OTT and connected TV, Programmatic Advertising turns out to be the only way to reach them. We see that Programmatic will go mainstream in the next 2-3 years and carve out a large share of adspends both from social media and traditional media. Being an audience first, fully transparent, privacy compliant international platform that has been bench marked very well against industry giants like TradeDesk and Google DV360, we
at PI are very confident that the uniqueness of our offerings, the exclusive capabilities that we have and our fully transparent functioning with a managed service orientation will find willing clients in India".

Revitalizing Creative Advertising with the Power of Tech
Programmatic India is a unique company that seeks to bring the true benefits of digital technology to the Indian advertiser. Once the advertiser selects the most relevant audience sets for their communication, Programmatic India's real time bidding engine looks for the audiences selected by the advertiser in realtime across 1.4 million publishers including websites, apps, games, OTT platforms, audio streaming services and Connected TV covering 94 percent of the open internet. Thus, the advertiser only spends on ads shown to the audience selected by them saving more than 50 percent of ad spends that are lost due to irrelevance.

Shedding light on what makes Programmatic India Technologies stand out in the market, Mehool Parekh mentions,"Though we offer automated delivery of digital ads (display, HTML, Video, Audio)to the desired audiences through a realtime bidding system for ad buying and deliver, our biggest USP is providing audience ownership and continuity to the advertiser. Majority of other platforms provide click level retargeting but impression level remarketing is absent, but is sorely needed for effective advertising. We not only offer ownership of impression level audiences to the advertiser but also allow large clients to export their impression level audiences to social media as custom audiences so as to maintain the continuity of the audience and the messaging".

PI offers a one-stop solution for all Adtech requirements ­ identify and target TG audience, engage and analyze responses to the ad, retarget and remarket campaigns, even export data to a third party platform for unification of the audience.

The Road Ahead
Though Programmatic India Technologies started out as recently as 2019, the firm managed to clock in good growth in a very short period. Even during the pandemic, Programmatic India logged in revenues of around Rs.40 Million and is on track to surpass Rs.60 Million in 2022-23.

Talking about future plans for the firm Mehool concludes, "Programmatic India is in the final stages of announcing a blockbuster tie up with a data management platform that has access to extraordinary data on audiences for consumer marketers, the likes of which India has never seen. Integration is expected soon and once that is successfully done, Programmatic India shall approach leading Indian brands to enable them to take their audience targeting, engagement and ownership in-house and release incredible savings".