Protectt.AI Labs: A Go-to Partner for Comprehensive Mobile Security & Real Time Fraud & Risk Management

  Manish Mimani,  Founder & CEO

Manish Mimani

Founder & CEO

If you've ever encountered data leaks or hacking, you're probably aware of the negative effects, whether from an individual or a corporate standpoint. Most individuals use mobile apps and devices without considering the significance of security. Malicious mobile apps, phishing scams, data leaks, malware, and insecure Wi-Fi networks are all potential hazards to smartphones. Both individuals and companies should take explicit, preemptive efforts to limit the likelihood of a security compromise.

PROTECTT. AI LABS is India's first mobile security firm, focusing on raising awareness and offering solutions for mobile app, device, and transaction security. In today's fast evolving environment, the company's revolutionary mobile threat defense system with a cutting-edge security cloud is continually scanning the digital horizons for emerging mobile dangers.

Payments and other financial activities are progressively moving to mobile apps in today's digitally altered society. India is experiencing a paradigm shift in mobile app based banking, particularly UPI payments. While the ease of making payments and billing has been implemented, the number of fraudulent transactions continues to rise. Developing a strong shield for the UPI
platform, PROTECTT.AI LABS delivers Fraud & Risk management (FRM) solutions particularly built for UPI and Real time payments. It enables accurate and complete decision making in order to predict fraudulent transactions and avoid financial and reputational harm.

PROTECTT. AI LABS solutions can be tailored to any industry, including large enterprises, new startups, and individual consumers. PROTECTT. AI LABS has acquired India's largest organizations in Banking, Insurance, Finance, FinTech, and EdTech to safeguard their mobile apps and thousands of individuals to protect their mobile devices in a short period of time.

“We are paving the way for a market that allows each organization to function in a secure digital environment while also promoting the Atma Nirbhar Bharat movement. At PROTECTT.AI LABS, we are motivated by a strong desire to make a significant difference in the security of mobile apps, devices, and transactions", says Manish Mimani, Founder & CEO at PROTECTT.AI LABS.

Mobile Security-as-a Service
PROTECTT.AI LABS enables you to develop a powerful Mobile Security Framework on a cloud-based platform, giving you better agility, a faster time to market, scalability, and ease of deployment. The objective of the company is to provide comprehensive Mobile App, Device, and Transaction Security that enables you to create highly secure and enhanced user experiences. Its RASP-based solutions enhance Mobile App Security effortlessly and provide unrivaled protection to ensure mobile apps are accessed in a safe and secure environment.

In terms of the company's value added products, App Protectt is a light weight and simple-to-integrate SDK with 50+ Mobile App Security capabilities that provide seamless security. Secondly, AppProtectt Lite is also a cutting-edge Runtime Application Self Protection enabled SDK plug-and-play solution for enhanced mobile app security. Thirdly, AppBind offers a safe and secure mobile banking experience using innovative mobile device binding mechanisms. Fourthly, MProtectt improves mobile device security to protect you from dangerous threats in today's digital-first era at all times. The fifth is MProtectt Biz+ which boosts corporate efficiency by operating securely anywhere, at any time. And to top it all off, RealTime Protectt is a go-to product which offers comprehensive protection to safeguard real-time payments in this digital payment era. This robust realtime fraud management solution for a safe banking experience.