ProYuga: Developing Transformative Products in XR

Vasanth And Trivikra,Founders

Vasanth , Founder

Sport is the new buzzword in town. The vSport industry is experiencing rapid growth across the globe. However, in India, it is still in the nascent stages as we are falling behind in its adoption and popularity. eSports have already been a part o Asian games 2018 and the Olympics committee itself is exploring ways to include games that qualify the essence of eSports. Taking eSports a notch higher, we have vSport or the VR Sports. It won’t be a surprise if you see virtual reality games such as cricket, football & hockey becoming a part of such sporting events in the future.

In sync with the changing times is iB Hubs powered ProYuga, a nextgen startup that is heavilyventuring into advancedtechnologies by developing transformative products in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality for businesses and customers across the globe. Excited Trivikrama Reddy, Co-Founder & CEO says, “We are happyto be at the forefront of innovation. We are looking forward to support and collaborate with all the players in the ecosystem to thrive together and achieve impeccable results.”

Adding to this, Sama Vasantha Sai, Founder & CTO,says, “In alignment
with our vision, we have developed our first product iB Cricket that provides the most immersive VR experience for the customers. We think it will change the dynamics of the industry to a whole new level.”

iB Cricket: Cricket as a vSport
Amidst the plethora of challenges existing in the VR technology landscape, ProYuga is addressing them successfully along with creating a new trend in the industry by developing high-quality content and integrating new technologies to provide users, an out-of-this world, immersive experience! “We are fortunate to have iB Hubs supporting us end-to-end and making all required resources available to us. Their support has been immense and it helped us in creating affordable and accessible products in advanced technologies and taking them to the market,” reveals Trivikrama, gratifyingly.

There is no doubt that iB Cricket will soon become a sensation in every household. In fact, after its launch, 15000+ people between 7-87 years of age have experienced the demo, across 30+ countries. Astonishingly, more than 95 percent of the people who played the game have said ‘vSport experience is extraordinary.’ Feeling proud to have built a state-of-the-art product from scratch, and seeing it come to life, Trivikrama triumphs “It is for every one. Anyone can play and enjoy iB Cricket irrespective of their age, gender or background. iB Cricket is action-packed with the most exciting features that provide unique and captivating gameplay. Most importantly, it unlocks the true power of Virtual Reality. The game feels like you are playing in a world class stadium with the crowd pumping you up. With iB Cricket, you can play cricket like never

Further, explaining the product, Vasantha Sai adds “The product is designed in a way that a new player can get accustomed to the sport in less than 15 minutes. The AI-powered coach analyzes and assists the users to hone their talent and perfect their batting skills in no time. Our patent pending product is developed by integrating multiple advanced technologies like Virtual Reality, IoT, Blockchain and AI.”

Trivikra, Founders

Welcome to the Future of vSport!
Initially started by two cricket enthusiasts at iB Hubs, ProYuga, today, has reached new heights where more than 50+ people are working tirelessly to deliver a quality product to the international market. Many iconic figures like former New Zealand captain Stephen Fleming, former South African pacer Morne Morkel, Afghan mystery spinner Mujeeb including the voice of Indian cricket Harsha Bhogle among many others have appreciated ProYuga’s ‘Make in India’ success story. “We are currently consolidating our position in the market. In the coming days, you’ll witness iB Cricket becoming synonymous to vSport,” concludes Trivikrama, on a positive note.