Psypher Interactive: Exploring Unconventional Gaming

Ashish Daga & Tsewang Pinsto,FounderA matter of fact is that innovation and inspiration can come from any sort of source - be it everyday life, puzzles, driving passions or the subconscious mind. The story behind Psypher Interactive is a replication of this fact. Ashish Daga and his group of college friends were game enthusiasts. Eventually, their interest towards developing their own games led them bear serious thoughts on exploring the gaming domain. “In the world of Gaming, games are now being re-skinned and then released. Rather than standing as mute spectators, we took the initial step of creating something even though small yet something new and great. The result was Psypher Interactive” mentions AshishDaga Managing Partner | Game Designer at Psypher Interactive.

Born out of big dreams,the 2016 incepted game development studio is a team of driven and ambitious friend seager to make their mark in the gaming industry. Initially the idea was to develop games and publish them to effectively engage audiences and provide them with memorable and enjoyable experiences.The journey began
with striving to build rapport with fellow developers, staying up to date with the upcoming technologies and making games for the love of the craft, focusing on chunking game mechanics, toying around with different variants of art styles. Soon, they managed to impact the industry by developing mobile game with quality work & content and more importantly catering them to a larger spectrum of younger audiences using mobiles and tablets. “Our first creation was Tapop-a free casual, challenging and an addictive game targeted with a wide category from the toddlers to the grey hair ones,” informs Ashish.

Psypher Interactive is in the process of developing a new edutainment game for kids named CurioCity likely to release by the end of September

Deeming clients as their accessible market, Psypher Interactive does not shy away from exploring all sorts of genres of gaming to enable a wide range of players play the game.The company is in the process of developing a new edutainment game for kids named CurioCity likely to release by the end of September. “We are working on multiple domains like IP’s, Movie games or Political games and we plan to further expand our services to various part of world and let our clients exploit the kind of resources we have in our team,” he states.

Fun& Engaging player experiences
The Psypher Interactive team has a gaming background. This gives them the advantage of deep understanding of their target audience. The team leaves no stone unturned to improvise on the designs and visuals where the players and even new people are intrigued, appealed and have clarity of the games. Ashish says, “We are working on building game with Content, Objective, Entertainment and innovation.”

The gaming Industry is all about innovation, new technology, new controls and new experiences. Keeping up with the latest trends ruling the gaming industry, the company is currently exploring Virtual Reality(VR)and Augmented Reality(AR)in Game development & advertising. “We believe in Healthy Competition, but there are several things that Psypher Interactive tries to bring in for better gaming experiences which people enjoy and that’s the ultimate objective,” he adds.

The Journey over time
Narrating the future endeavours, Ashish explicates, “While the gaming Industry is overrun by new technology, people generally like entertainment for its novelty and innovation. That is why our endgame will be VR and AR.We will be further experimenting it with controls such as adding voice, touch screens and gestures to the game mechanics.” Psypher Interactive would also be open to serve Hospitals, Hotels, Amusement Parks, Theatre Gaming, Malls etc to provide them world class Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Experience, Holographic & Gaming Experience.