PumPumPum: For a Smoother Drive

Tarun Lawadia & Sameer Kalra,   Co-FoundersIndia is a fast-developing economy with growing incomes and a rising standard of living. Owning a car is no more a privilege of the rich. New cars, with improved features, are being introduced at regular intervals but purchase/lease processes are still cumbersome, and possessing a pre-owned car requires skill and knowledge. Car rentals and subscription schemes of OEMs are not very popular because of the inherent drawbacks. To simplify the process and assist every aspirant in possessing a car, PumPumPum pioneered the customer centric concept of leasing and subscribing used cars in India.

Established in 2018, and headquartered in Gurugram, PumPumPum is a used car leasing company with a difference. Tarun Lawadia and Sameer Kalra are the co-founders and key personnel of the company.

Hassle-free Possession
PumPumPum is India's leading and foremost pre-owned car leasing company. Utilizing digitalization and e-Commerce technology, the company offers car-as-a-service to corporates and individuals. PumPumPum's offer is accompanied by several advantages. The lessee, paying a fixed monthly rental, enjoys unqualified possession of a car, for a fixed period. The company assumes all the responsibilities of the car, such as insurance, legalities, claims, maintenance, repairs, periodic service, and upgrades making its possession a stress-free experience, for the lessee. The company even provides 24/7 roadside assistance in the event of a vehicle malfunction. The offering also includes value added services such as pick and drop, wherein an event of the car warranting a visit to the workshop , a trained driver shall pick up the vehicle from the customers doorstep , take it to the designated workshop, get the job done and deliver it back at the customers doorstep. This insulates the end customer from spending unproductive time on such jobs.
PumPumPum ensures that the leased cars are in immaculate condition before being handed over to the client. The client has the option of choosing the monthly rental, brand, model, variant, and period of use of the car. Clients can go in for an upgrade or extend their current contracts. Clients, particularly the millennials, who enjoy driving different cars, are immensely benefited from the company’s flexible car lease offerings.

The car leasing business was lowkey, and largely restricted to new cars, and only large corporates till PumPumPum came on the scene. It was mostly restricted to B2B business with the number of leases being sparse. PumPumPum extended their used car offering to B2B and to B2C clientele, while providing a much needed face-lift to the unorganized, used car segment, making it more structured and trustworthy. Car lovers exhibited a keen interest in pumpumpum’s used-car lease system.

Talking about the used car eco system in India, Financiers and insurance companies traditionally favoured popular vehicles because of their easy access to maintenance facilities, spare parts & better resale values. With asset management and underwriting by companies such as PumPumPum, the situation changed dramatically benefitting both end users and B2B partners, covering all brands and models thereby helping increase their penetration in the used car space.

PumPumPum has a high market rating and is well-ranked on the google platform. The company has nurtured a team of highly qualified professionals to manage the services. It has more than 750 happy users, with 97 percent of them being unswerving customers. The company has grown by nearly 1000 percent in just one financial year. It operates from Gurugram and Bengaluru, catering to customers at these centers. The company's fleet of cars are being run in over 60 cities, covering the entire length and breadth of the country, where the company has a strong network of service providers.

Sharwan, Director, Bron India. shares that,“Buying a car is a big hassle, the concept created by pumpumpum is phenomenal I am a proud customer who uses my daily commute through their cars. Highly recommended who are looking to buy pre-owned cars, try pumpumpum and feel free from all tensions of owning a car”.

PumPumPum has a very clear vision for the future, aiming to become and sustain its title of being the largest mobility solutions company in the country which they plan to achieve in the next three years. The company plans to triple its fleet and extend its operations to other metros within the current financial year. Electric vehicles, the hot topic of the day, is on the radar of PumPumPum. The company plans to adopt EVs in a big way while roping in other assets such as two wheelers over the next few years. The company’s approach to customer satisfaction is simple – identify problems, find solutions and build value. The concept of Pre-owned car leasing has established itself and PumPumPum being the pioneer in this space is on a phenomenal growth trajectory.