Purna Gummies: Delivering Health In Every Bite Through Daily Dose Of Fun & Nutrition

Dr. Archana Gupta ,Co-founderThe dietary supplement market is experiencing a wave of transformative trends driven by increased health awareness. Consumers are increasingly seeking supplements to complement their nutritional needs, driven by factors such as busy lifestyles and wellness pursuits. This trend has led to a surge in demand for various vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other bioactive compounds. However, navigating this industry can be daunting, with challenges such as product quality variation, misleading claims, and lack of stringent regulation.

The customers seek reliable products, transparency in labeling and sourcing becomes pivotal. Purna Gummies, the country's sole vertically integrated brand in nutraceutical gummies, ingeniously encapsulates vitamins and herbs in delightful bear-shaped jellies. Led by retired Gynecologist Dr. Archana Gupta and supported by her husband and son, is a trailblazer in healthcare innovation with a delightful twist. The company’s extensive product range and strategic market presence make them a cost-effective choice for health-conscious consumers. With a unique nutritional proposition and a commitment to accessible wellness, the company address industry challenges by making healthcare enjoyable and affordable.

Dr. Gupta's husband, an Electrical Engineer from IIT Roorkee with over 35 years of experience in the
Indian Railways, oversees machinery setup and factory expansion, while her son, a Chemical Engineer from IIT Bombay, manages formulations and quality control. My Purna's journey has been a rollercoaster, marked by resilience and innovation. Surviving the challenges of the pandemic, the brand transitioned from relying on third-party manufacturers to establishing its own factory, overcoming hurdles of faulty machinery, and setting up efficient production.

Facing packaging bottlenecks, the co-founder's custom-designed packing machine showcases the dedication. Despite the complexities of managing loans and resources, Purna managed to secure and repay bank loans swiftly. The brand's loyal customer community contributes to its success, offering valuable feedback that guides product launches. These trials paved the way for remarkable growth, turning obstacles into steppingstones on a trajectory of continuous progress. The company's slogans include "Bite into Happyness" daily with a gummy, and "Health matlab Purna Gummies”, says Dr. Archana.

Making Health a Delightful Journey
My Purna offers an extensive range of nutritional products, uniquely presented in adorable bear-shaped jelly formats. With a focus on innovation, the company cater to various preferences by offering sugar-free variants. The company’s state-ofthe- art facility is backed by an impressive list of certifications including US FDA, FSSAI, GMP, ISO, HACCP, Organic, Gluten-free, Vegan, Halal, and Kosher. “Rigorous testing, both in-house and at third-party NABL accredited labs, guarantees the effectiveness and safety of the products. This comprehensive approach ensures that Purna delivers a wide variety of well-crafted, high-quality products that cater to diverse preferences and nutritional needs”, says Dr. Archana.

My Purna stands out through its vertical integration, creating a unique offering in the nutraceutical gummies space. The delightful bear-shaped jellies combine nutrition with a pleasurable experience, setting them apart from conventional supplements. The brand's strong emphasis on quality is reflected in the extensive list of certifications, ensuring premium products. The commitment to customer feedback shapes the company’s product line, fostering high repeat rates. Moreover, the family-led team's diverse expertise in medicine, engineering, and formulation enables holistic innovation. My Purna's ambitious goals include becoming a prominent nutraceutical leader in India by 2024, targeting a 15-fold growth by March 2024, with an additional 5-7 times growth in FY2025. The company envisions expanding its presence globally through significant export initiatives. Furthermore, the company’s futuristic agenda revolves around popularizing gummy consumption as a modern healthcare norm, aiming to replace traditional pill-based approaches.