QNu LABS: A Pioneer in Quantum Security Solutions

Sunil Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO

Sunil Gupta

Co-Founder & CEO

Deeptech has emerged as one of the fasted growing and most lucrative areas in recent times. IoT, AI, Big Data, Analytics, Quantum Technologies, and Cybersecurity are among the major niche technologies that qualify as deep tech. The scenario is no different in India as well. According to NASSCOM’s latest report, there were 3,000 deep tech startups in India as of 2021, and startups operating in this space have grown at a CAGR of 53 percent over the last decade.

QNu Labs is one such startup that is making massive strides in the Indian deeptech space through its nextgeneration tech innovations. Incepted in 2016 in IIT Madras Research Park, QNu Labs offers quantum technology based security solutions to diverse industries. The company took a bold step of venturing into the quantum technology space to build security solutions at a time when there were no successful deep tech stories from India to emulate. QNu Labs decided to bring in a new paradigm for data security through a deep tech venture and was the first Indian company involved in the quantum tech space to build indigenous products and solutions. QNu Labs launched its first commercially ready quantum security product Armos in 2019 and was among the only handful of companies globally to do so.

“We spent the initial 18 months understanding various aspects of quantum physics and how this science could be made into a viable tech. In the middle of 2018, we got an opportunity with Cisco Launchpad Accelerator, and through this program, we integrated our Armos product with Cisco ISR
series routers and demonstrated how quantum tech can be used with existing security infrastructure. We were fortunate to also receive mentorship from the NASSCOM Deeptech club and Intel SINE startup program. From the beginning, Founders wanted India to be the first beneficiary of the technology and therefore we started working with Indian Defence, government, and other enterprises early on and today we have several successful projects executed and in progress", explains Sunil Gupta, Co- Founder & CEO, QNu Labs.

QNu Labs mainly offers three products – Armos (Quantum Key Distribution), Tropos (Quantum Random Number Generator and Hodos (Post-Quantum Cryptography Suite). Additionally, it also offers quantum tech-based solutions namely Qosmos (Quantum Random Number as a service on cloud), QVerse (Quanutm secure Messenger), and Q-VPN. Proud of its fully indigenous technology, QNu Labs has filed six patents so far, of which three have already been granted. A team of 45 passionate innovators is working relentlessly to make India a world leader in this crucial technology.

“We are among a couple of companies in the world to have both quantum physics-based and advanced mathematics-based technology solutions. Our solutions allow customers to secure their endpoints like laptops, mobile devices, cameras, private and public communication networks and workloads in the cloud. It is very easy to upgrade to our technology platform without any cumbersome migrations, business disruption, and wastage of existing investments. We often spend a lot of time promoting and teaching our clients about our cutting-edge technology because it is still in the early stages of adoption", shares Sunil.

Owing to such cutting-edge innovations and highly efficient solutions, the company has been conferred ‘Emerge 50’ and ‘League of 10’ awards by NASSCOM. Other noted awards & recognitions received by QNu Labs include ‘Most Innovative Product of the Year' 2019 (DSCI), the 'National Technology Award' from the Department of Science & Technology for successful commercialization of indigenous technology, and the 'Raksha Anveshan Ratna Award' at the Raksha Mantri Awards for innovation and breakthrough technology. However, the most memorable moment for the company was when the Indian Army issued an RFP on the 76th Independence day to procure the company's Quantum Key Distribution product which made India “Self-reliant” in the quantum security technology and put India on the quantum map of the world.

QNu Labs has clients in multiple countries and have a strong partnership with several large global enterprises. Going forward, QNu Labs aspires scaling-down the form factor of its technology to a chiplevel form factor so that it can fit into small devices such as mobiles, cameras, and more. Additionally, the company is building satellite based solutions for longer distances, through which it aspires to provide its quantum secure solutions to any part of the world.