QuantMagnum Technologies: Smart Machines for Smarter Investing

Kushal Rastogi ,  CEOArtificial Intelligence (AI) is said to drive the ultimate automation of financial technologies and services providing a huge scope to develop customer centric services. It is seen that AI based investing augments the discretionary portfolio managers’ decisions and increases the efficiency and accuracy of systematic portfolio managers using other quant or technical based models. QuantMagnum Technologies, a young startup, co-founded by an experienced team of technocrats from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and other leading institutes of India, is conceptualized with an idea to create a quant power house in India.

To achieve this, the company has created a generalized framework to standardize and automate entire life cycle of algorithmic research, portfolio management and risk management. Since founders of the firm are from global hedge fund industry and top financial services firms themselves, they have a deep understanding of problems faced by systematic / quant fund managers and have direct experience in solving those problems.

QM.FIN framework caters to hedge funds, PMS, Wealth Managers, Family offices, Institutional trading desks and proprietary traders across the globe

Deemed as one of the early adopters of the technology who tries to create an impact with our research and technology, QuantMagnum Technologies aspires to create a one stop solution for fund managers, portfolio managers, wealth managers, family offices, traders and investors for various needs related to Quantitative Research, Portfolio Analytics, Risk Analytics, Data Visualization and Automation. “We work at the fusion of mathematics, statistics, finance and programming including AI.Getting people who can work across domains has always been a challenge. To solve the challenge, we have partnered with the best recruitment portals of India to get access to the best talent available in India,” speaks Kushal Rastogi, CEO, QuantMagnum Technologies.

Scalable, Sustainable and Stable Products

A product based FinTech startup, QuantMagnum’s strength lies in the flexibility, scalability and versatility of their product. The company’s flagship product - QM.FIN framework caters to hedge funds, PMS, Wealth Managers, Family offices, Institutional trading desks and proprietary traders
across the globe; for various needs related to quantitative research, systematic strategy development & simulation, portfolio & risk analytics and trade automation.

The products help them in taking well informed, statistics and mathematics backed investment decisions - void of intuition, greed, fear or any other human sentiment. “QM.FIN framework has always something unique to offer to the clients. It is designed to increase their productivity and shorten the timelines to achieve the targets in the most efficient way and is our core product, around which majority of our products and services revolve,” he explicates enthusiastically.

Within a short span of time since inception, QuantMagnum, has created a complex product to simplify things in quantitative asset management, established a product – market fit with institutional clients in both India and abroad, and has reached to their initial breakeven point. Being optimistic about the future, Kushal and his team, has plans to continuously invest in technology and innovation to build unique products, resources and deeper insights which help fund managers and investors make more informed decisions. “We are currently building an investing and research platform, to be launched in just few months from now. First of its kind in India, the platform would take leverage on our existing state-of-art technology and has the potential to bring entities involved in investments in the nation together, along with catalyzing increase in retail participation in Indian securities market,” he concludes.