QuantSolar: Floating Solar PV Solutions for Sustainable Future

Siddhanth Agarwal & Pankaj Kumar,Co-FoundersThe growing green energy needs have propelled eco-savvies to devise splendid innovations. The increasing rates of solar power led to the creation of much advanced concept of floating solar plant which can generate energy efficiently than the ground-mounted plants. The idea of setting up series of solar panels on water bodies is hugely accepted by the new age solar developers. Although the cost of setting up a floating solar plant is slightly higher and complex than that of the ground based plants, enterprising entrepreneurs are plunging in to test the potential of this futuristic approach due to inherent advantages. The originators of QuantSolar, Siddhant Agarwal & Pankaj Kumar, recognised the latent qualities and prospects of the floating solar plant and settled on the plan of developing innovative and smart technologies for a sustainable future.

The Genesis
It was quite natural for Siddhant Agarwal & Pankaj Kumar to choose this niche space as they possessed robust expertise in the global marine and offshore industry and were highly passionate to revolutionize environmental sustainability. With over a decade of global exposure in Singapore, they noticed that the idea of floating solar plant was gaining immense traction in developed countries. Whereas in India, the crisis for clean water, energy, and others such concerns multiply each day and there are barely significant player to address the menace. The duo
sensed a bright future upheld by the industry that could bring positive change in the country and established QuantSolar in the year 2016. "The major reason behind adapting to floating solar plant is its immense benefits. It doesn't require land, preserves up to 60 lakh litres of water for each 1 MW plant and it is also 10 per cent more efficient than the ground based plants. It obviates the need for large tracts of land by installing solar panels on lakes, ponds, reservoirs, lagoons, etc. which are available in abundance in most countries," says Siddhant Agarwal, Co-Founder.

The company began its journey by executing a 10KW floating plant in a remote village of Assam, the first of NE India and slowly grew its potential to build India's largest floating solar power plant of 2MW capacity in the Mudasarlova reservoir at Vishakhapatnam. The project was successfully launched in four months under the `Smart City Initiative' by the Andhra Pradesh government. Today QuantSolar is catering to multiple MW scale projects. QuantSolar is also incubated in IIT Guwahati under the Startup India programme, where it reaches students and professors to improve R&D and add value to the solutions.

QuantSolar built the India’s largest floating solar power plant of 2MW capacity in Mudsarlova reservoir at Vishakhapatnam

QuantSolar focuses on ever-evolving technology which is an important aspect for a company that offers floating solarsystem. "We as a company are rich in technology. We continuously explore and try to enhance the line of operations. In the entire lifecycle of the product starting from design, engineering, manufacturing and installation to maintenance, we look into adding value and optimizing solutions at every stage," exclaims Pankaj Kumar, Co-Founder.

Being well equipped in the niche space with expertise in process optimization, QuantSolar is recognized as a complete engineering-driven company that has end-to-end expertise in designing, engineering, float manufacturing and installing floating solar plants. The entire system is indigenously developed in-house.

Quality-oriented Offerings
The company offers a safe & reliable solution that has been tested on international standards and guidelines of operability & safety. It aims to reduce risk across the solar value chain while delivering dependable and cost-effective solutions. It also caters to complete design, engineering and manufacturing, procurement, and commissioning and maintenance services such as Pre-Feed, Feed Study, Project Financial Feasibility Analysis, and Project Planning & Advisory.