QuaQua: Real & Immersive Virtual Travel Experiences

Purav Shah,Founder & CEO

Purav Shah, Founder & CEO

A consultant by profession and an entrepreneur by nature, Purav Shah’s zest for work have guided him through 18+ years of his career. During his professional stints, he travelled places, explored the local culture, food, sights and events. A common observation during all his trips specified a void that existed in terms of bridging the gap between inspiration, planning, traveling memories. With the advent of 360 videos, VR/AR/MR, he was compelled to think, how has the life of a traveler changed in the last decade?

There is so much information pertaining to travel online that it has become over whelming and redundant. It is impossible to hit the right destination and that too with a video on the first search result. In fact, the information is unorganized, unstructured and non curated which makes the inspiration, research and planning exercise a lengthy, cumbersome and confusing affair. “Apart from boarding passes on our phone, nothing has changed. Statistics say
that more than 70 percent of the people first book and then plan. Shouldn’t it be the other way around – that we go to a platform to get inspired by very rich content,along with highly curated, non-redundant and contextual information pertaining to every point of interest around the globe?. And what if we can leverage 360/VR/AR to make these experiences immersive and interactive,” speaks Purav.

" QuaQua strives to translate world's travel experiences into captivating 360 videos and AR/VR stories to provide real and immersive end to end travel experiences"

This very thought triggered the inception ideaof Hyderabad based QuaQua Experiences. A digital experience platform that integrates 360-degree virtual reality content for the global travel an tourism industry, QuaQua strives to translate world'stravel experiences into captivating 360 videos and AR/VR stories to provide real and immersive end to end travel experiences. Purav’s admiration for process makes QuaQua an enterprise in a start-up mode where every metrics is pre-defined,every feature in a product preconceived and where every individual follows a process/ framework/model to deliver on day to day basis. His tryst with fortune 500 companies have imbibed certain best practices pertaining to people, process and technology which is part of QuaQua’s cultural fabric.
The Journey of Thousand Miles
The adoption of VR at mass scale is an industry wide challenge due to high cost of VR devices. QuaQua has developed device agnostic platform which can be consumed on desktops without VR tethered devices, on Google card boards, and on high-end devices like HTC vibe, oculus. The company has further developed its patented codified storytelling technique which could be used to churn out standardized experience from a raw content sourced from multiple sources. “We have also built community of 20000+ associates which gives us the continuous source of raw travel content,” he informs.

The company is well-positioned in the market with large network of associates, tourism boards and business partners. In the coming years, team QuaQua will further consolidate its positionin the market and keep delivering unique, immersive and interactive content. From technology and innovation perspective, it has filed 5 patents and that gives it an edge above others.

QuaQua, since inception has come a long way in terms of positioning in the market. QuaQua can be termed as one of the leading
players in VR E2E travel platform which covers more than 112 cities, 1500+ POIs 360 degree experiences, 660 days of itineraries, 35000+ attraction and activities tickets.