Qurez: A Peta-Certified Vegan And Toxin-Free Brand Redefining Beauty

Prerna Karidhal, FounderThe beauty industry has been notoriously portraying unrealistic beauty standards in society since time immemorial. Generations after generations have fallen prey to these pseudo standards that have led the masses into trying to achieve impossible beauty goals through products such as skin lightening/whitening formulations. How ever, things are starting to take a turn. Today, people are advocating the idea of feeling comfortable in one's skin and redefining beauty to be more inclusive.

Qurez, a Peta certified clean beauty brand was founded in 2018 with a vision of encouraging people to embrace their real beauty, celebrate their authentic selves, and treat their skin, hair, and body problems with clean, natural, vegan, and toxin-free ingredients that cause no harm to the person and mother earth.

A New Age Of Beauty: Clean Beauty
In the digital era, people have become more aware of the toxins that are present in conventional beauty products and now, they want to break free from the toxins and turn towards safe and effective personal care. Hence the brand is striving to bring effective skincare and haircare such as their best selling sunscreens have plant extracts like Aloe Vera, Sea Buck thorn, and Green Tea along with modern day new age skin friendly UV filters without any toxic ingredients. They refrain from using the controversial UV filters Oxybenzone & OMC in sunscreens as
research on either has disclosed them to be detrimental to human health and the marine ecosystem.

"At the core, we have always put our customers first. Every customer in our tribe has become a part of the brand's journey to shatter the pseudo beauty standards set in Indian society through our social platform since 2018. We have thus been serving customers with utmost transparency, disclosing full ingredients on website & product labels, and products curated with clean & toxin-free ingredients", shares Prerna Karidhal, Founder.

The brand's foundation is strongly based on the mission to serve its customers with clean, vegan and non-toxic products that take care of their skin and hair and help them embrace their true beauty.

Qurez's customer centricity, the ability to turn negative feedback into positive results, and continued dedication to offering consumers the best formulations in their clean beauty range are some of the things that make the brand standout.

The firm takes pride in being a women owned and operated brand. Being nature lovers, they are always working towards reducing plastic by having a plastic-free shipping policy and using recycled plastic & environment friendly packaging materials.

Journey & Future Roadmap
Qurez started as a personal care blog, initiating a movement against 'fair is beautiful and dark is ugly' in 2017. To advocate the idea of true beauty comes in various skin shades and body types' the blog soon turned into a commercial brand with three product offerings, and there has been no looking back.

Since its inception, Qurez has grown by 300 percent and has been featured in some of the leading Lifestyle & Beauty websites such as Swirlster by NDTV, Lifestyle Asia, Tweak India, LBB, Nykaa, Living Foodz, and many more. Qurez was also named one of the 'Top 10 Emerging Beauty And Lifestyle Brands In India' by Business World in 2021.

"We believe that Beauty is not just about enhancing the external skin and hair with the topical application but it also stems from within. And for this, we want to create an ecosystem where we make beauty a holistic approach combining topical treatment with diet, fitness, and mental health", further adds Prerna.

In the coming years, the brand is expecting to expand its product range by 50 percent. Furthermore, Qurez is aiming to expand its footprint across the Asian continent. For this, the brand has come up with several strategies, like influencer and performance marketing, that would also enable them to build stronger relationships with customers in the market.