R Interactives: Shaping Interactive Experiences Between Brands and Consumers Level

Rahul Gadekar,   FounderThe coronavirus(COVID-19) global pandemic has resulted in changes to advertising, marketing, promotional and media spending, forcing businesses and brands to reevaluate their current and future advertising and marketing campaigns to maintain a steady income stream. While brands currently seek to strike the right tone during a global health emergency, the future portends market alteration, increased competition and demand for creative and aggressive marketing practices. Established in 2018 by Rahul Gadekar, R Interactives is an interactive digital communications agency specializing in delivering decisive actions that result in higher R OI and Brand Engagement. They have been in the business for the last four years and have worked with brands in the UK, US, Australia, Norway, Costa Rica and India.

Creative advertising is more memorable, longer-lasting work with less media spending and faster builds a fan community. After looking at the advertising landscape, it is identified that media agencies and creative agencies who were primarily operating in the offline space were facing challenges to build digital capabilities in house, and digital being needed to the hour, agencies required expertise to drive the digital arm of their business, hence R Interactive partnered with them as digital advisors and digital strategy partners for their clients. "Our methodology follows building hypotheses through consumer insights, business data and

industry insights to run online experiments, which drives business growth. We have deep expertise in online customer behaviour, customer engagement, data-driven marketing and customer acquisition," speaks Rahul Gadekar, Founder, R Interactives.

Aiding Creative Brilliance
R Interactives is a digital advisory and consulting firm which helps businesses drive growth through experimentation. R Interactive measures the brand goals and vision and aligns its energies to create a unique brand personality that will define the brand, its beliefs and its ethos. From defining the brand path, brand activations, engagement plans, content roadmap, and media necessities to mapping the success of these strategies through platform analytics and media tools, R Interactive craft plans to generate higher Returns on Investments and Brand engagement. R Interactive's partner company's dynamic creative technology platform leverages data and creates interactive experiences online, driving relevancy, automation, scale, and customer acquisition. "R Interactives uses data intelligence to understand consumer behaviour and design bespoke communication pieces, the ones that lead to powerful actions and provide desired results,” says RahulGadekar.

R Interactive measures the brand goals and vision and aligns its energies to create a unique brand personality that will define the brand, its beliefs and its ethos

R Interactive has a strong team with vast experience learning to drive business growth through consumer insights, technology, and data insights. It specializes in Digital Growth Strategy, Product Market Fit through Experimentation, Programmatic Advertising, Dynamic Creative Optimization and Data-Driven Marketing. R Interactive employs a very coherent and cohesive approach to cause consumer brand interactions and have a diverse clientele. It spans FMCG, Hospitality, Education, Entertainment, Automobile, Agriculture Services, Dairy Products, Food and Beverage, Real Estate and many more industries. R Interactive's experiential platform "R Academy" is part of Stanford LISA's portfolio.

R Interactive will focus on expanding in the US and UK markets and want to drive value to businesses looking forward to implementing new tools and technologies to grow their business digitally. The areas it would be focusing on are data-driven marketing, marketing for fundraising campaigns, data science, and building thought leadership in the space.