Radical Design: Client-Inspired Branding Solutions

Mrunal Save,     Founder

Mrunal Save


India has a plethora of creativity and top notch advertising and branding agencies. A successful branding exercise will connect the end consumer to the brand.The content, logos, websites, or any other material designed by the branding agency should ideally lead to making the brand more relatable to the end consumers. While creating great design and creativity consistently plays an important role, emotional connection will drive the success of the brand in the market. It is crucial to determine the purpose of any exercise whether it is branding or marketing, without which a general design exercise will not give the clients the results they aspire. Radical Design, with its out-of-the-box thinking, takes an innovative approach to providing the best branding solutions to its clients. At Radical design, the client is the decision-maker and their needs and feedback are given top priority.

Established in 2018 and headquartered in Mumbai, Radical Design is a reputed branding agency engaged in building brand value for its clients. Mrunal Save is the founder and the key personnel of the company. She has a vast experience in the field of art and design and a good understanding of global clientele. Radical Design is a full-service agency that provides end-to-end branding support to its clients. The core creative team of the company consists of highly trained designers, copy writers, branding and marketing strategist.
The company also offers product photography and videography, digital content creation solutions. In addition, the company believes that collaboration is the key to bringing freshness to the table and has worked with several other specialists and branding agencies. The company has more than a hundred clients and has successfully worked with bigbrands such as Schwarzkopf, Natures Basket, Henkel, DBS Bank, Godrej and many others and believes in long term associations. The company treated the pandemic as an opportunity and expanded its service offerings to help support clients more efficiently. The goal is to make the process hassle free for the clients.

Radical Design is a full service agency that provides end-to-end branding support to its clients

A Comprehensive Approach
The comprehensive approach of the company, towards a designing project comprises assessing and advising the clients on their branding needs, sculpting and presenting the branding ideas into a brand personality with the ideal brand voice, visuals and values. The process also involves positioning the brand across different channels and platforms. Radical Design gives priority to problem-solving rather than just concentrating on designing. Simple and efficient design and practical solutions for effective promotion of the brand are unique selling points of the company. Radical Design caters to a range of industries and a variety of clientele.It has associated itself with banks and financial institutions, the food and beverage industry, many lifestyle brands, non-profit organizations, and several others.

Radical Design values its human capital. They believe that the success of the company depends on the growth of the team. Designers at Radical Design work in small teams in a non-pressured atmosphere. Decision making is a collaborative effort between client and the creative team working on the project. Keeping innovation in design as the focus; projects and requirements are discussed at length. Overcoming implementation challenges, the skilled team then, transforms the creative ideas to the practical applications. Converting the ‘why and how’ of an idea into ‘why not’ is the strength of the company.

RadicalDesign has performed well, in understanding the emotional quotient of the business. During the pandemic, the company concentrated on content creation and client development. Radical Design now plans to enter the field of technology and digital.The company is set on a growth trajectory and post pandemic is looking forward to expand its team and services.