RajMall Inventives: Providing World's Smartest Wearable

Vigneshwar KG, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer,P B C Paul, CEO Vigneshwar KG ­ a young and passionate entrepreneur with a great love for his learnings ­ always believes that technology can make a difference in the lives of the people to create a better to-morrow. It is this ideology that reflects in his entrepreneurial life who conceived the idea of setting up his venture immediately after completing his post-graduation from abroad. Thus, with deeply-rooted passion and much-needed push by two of his friends and P B C Paul ­ a seasoned veteran with three decades of experience in the healthcare domain ­ turned his dream come true in the avatar of RajMall Inventives. Debuted in 2017, RajMall Inventives is a newly established innovative company in India to extend the domain boundaries of wearable technology. Born with a vision to empower people by introducing ubiquitous computing in everyday life, the company builds effective and efficient technology-oriented solutions that help people embrace change. RajMall Inventives created a steer within the industry by innovating first of its kind, 'Xenxo S-Ring' ­ the world's smartest smart wearable for all your daily activities.

Xenxo S-Ring ­ With you Anywhere & Everywhere
RajMall takes pride in offering Xenxo S-Ring, the next-gen innovation that caters to the tiniest of details and simplifies serious tasks for a hassle-free life. It has 12+ features that
include Bluetooth call, gesture control, data storage, NFC payment, SOS alert, keyless entry, fitness tracking, and more. The latest version of Bluetooth 5.0-enabled feature lets you attend or make quick calls with HD voice clarity. The ring has a data storage facility up to 8 GB. This feature is mainly for senior citizens who can store their health-related documents to access it anytime and any-where in case of emergency. The gesture control feature enables you to use the ring as a mouse while using your laptop and a pointer at the time of the PowerPoint presentation. You can also change music with this personalized ring. With the latest German chipset for NFC payment gateways, you can get rid of the regular stress of losing or misplacing significant door keys or access cards. The ring also has a built-in SOS alert feature to ensure the safety of the women. This feature can also be used by elderly people, especially with Alzheimer's and various IT companies where the front door access card, laptop password, Sodexo vouchers, and more can be eliminated. The ring is available at an affordable price of $199. For all these features in wearables, RajMall Inventives is accolades with the World Cup Innovation Award 2019 in Munich, Germany.

RajMall Inventives takes pride in offering Xenxo S-Ring, the next-gen innovation that caters to the tiniest of details and simplifies serious tasks for a hassle-free life

P B C Paul, CEO, RajMall Inventives says, "They have a strong four-level certification process, and once we are certified the credit cards will be directly encrypted into the ring where one can make quick payments on the go. This ring can be used in metros too. With several features, a few people will be fascinated to use everything at one go. Therefore, in the future, we are going to split it into 2-3 segments based on targeted customers."

Incredible Journey
Like every startup, RajMall Inventives too had their shares of ups and downs. Before approaching a venture capitalist, the company tried crowdfunding, and they raised $800,000 from the U.S. based Kickstarter and Indigo platforms. Over 4000 people across 76 countries showed confidence in the concept and its innovative products. RajMall Inventives has been doing extensive R&D and has developed first-of-its kind two products ­ the nurse calling system that works on the latest LoRa technology and a baby tracking wrist-band to avoid the theft/exchange of new-born babies from hospitals for the Indian government. RajMall Inventives with its innovative products is taking a big leap in Make in India project along with competing worldwide.