Raju Bros Softech: Brings to Light the Magic of Spatial Computing (AR|VR|MR)

Nishant Raju & Ishant Raju,Co-foundersTwo twin technocrat siblings, Nishant Raju and Ishant Raju availed their fad for technology to create a touchstone in the AR, VR and MR orbit. The duo spent their academic journey delving into numerous researches and experimentations. It was in their last graduation years that they settled on the plan of converting their avocation into a profit-oriented business. With the spirit of introducing futuristic innovations in the ecosystem, they brought into existence the most distinct and unique AR, VR and MR firm, Raju Bros Softech Private Limited - one stop shop that delivers all customized solutions for every spatial computing products. "Curiosity of developing something new has always been a matter of greatest importance. The urge to innovate technologically accoutred solutions has propelled us to venture into this domain. Our endeavours took a sharp turn when our very first invention .i.e. bio-metric smart emerged to be a huge success. This episode gained us huge support and opportunities which further encourage us to extend ourselves in different dimensions," narrates Nishant Raju, Co-Founder & Director, Raju Bros Softech Private Limited.

The Parades of Services
Raju Bros draws the attention for the exclusive range of services concerning the Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality. Its claim to fame deliverables com-prises of Spatial Computing Laboratory for educational institutes, Application
Development, Consultancy & 3D virtual prototyping for industrial application. In the concrete, the prime objective of the initiators was to mould top-notch solutions to help student in their educational pursuits. Considering which it has devised some excellent inventions like Mixed Reality software for MBBS students which is extensively used studying Anatomy of Human Digestive System. It has also designed Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality software for school students too. The company is also operating in two distinct disciplines - electronics and the other is in spatial computing. Considering the genre, it crafts out the finest and well suited solutions. For the electronic division it contrives products such as Industry Automation/Testing and IoT based home automation modules, Function Tester, Multi-Programmer, PCB testing systems (including software and hardware) and others.

This neoteric firm has set out to resort to the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge to develop products that are capable of helping students and organizations carry through their individual issues. "We do bring out the best AR, VR, and MR products from our creative team but other than this we also confer special offerings are Research and Training & Industry Automation & IoT. In the former arena, the company educates and trains students about the next digital revolution industrial revolution 4.0 by conducting various interactive, training and development programs. Through the latter, the company intends to assist industry to operate smartly and accomplish every objective," Ishant Raju, Co-Founder & Raju Bros.

Raju Bros draws the attention for the exclusive range of services concerning the Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality

Inclining Upwards
Raju Bros active participation in formulating contemporary technology has facilitated it to gain momentum to thrive in a tough market. Slowly yet surely, the business increased in size, witnessing big-time growth both in terms of client and revenue. It has been able to onboard prospective clients from some of the major cities like Del-hi-NCR, Bhopal, Punjab, Gujarat, and others. In recent times, it has initiated business arrangements and served leading companies such as JNS Instruments, DIY guru, StarbruTechSystems and many others.

For the days to come, Raju Bros has geared itself to grow in leaps and bounds by extending its reach to other vicinities & domains, serve multiple numbers of organizations and students across the country as well as overseas.