Raptee Energy: Driving E-volution

Dinesh Arjun, CEO ,Keerthivasan Ravi, CTO Phunith Kumar, COO Karthikeyan A, Electronics Lead Abhinand Dalu, Co-FounderWhile we face a number of problems each day, we need solutions for each of them. Most of us just crib about those obstacles and do nothing. But, here is the story of a group of young students who observed problems around, and made efforts to come up with solutions to resolve them which has turned as an outbreaking idea.

The Start of Raptee Energy
The massive population is fond of vehicles, in fact, people are in need of vehicles for a mess-free commute. However, this is leading to several problems such as the depletion of oils, pollution, global warming, and much more. Amidst this, Dinesh Arjun, Keerthivasan Ravi, Phunith Kumar, Karthikeyan A, and Abhinand Dalu observed the opportunities the competitive automotive industry provided. They began exploring what exists in the market and noticed that people are moving towards green technologies encouraging EVs for a better life. This is when they decided to reboot transportation and make it sustainable. The idea of these ingenious minds was to show the world that electric vehicles can not only match the performance of gas vehicles but can out-perform them in every way. Secondly, while transportation is an integral part of life they believe that cars and motorcycles can be smarter than our smartphones.

To trigger such disruption of bringing smarter vehicles in the largely stagnant automotive industry they jointly established Raptee.

This trusted electric mobility startup is looking to e-volutionize the motorcycle industry in the world's largest motorcycle market. Raptee Energy's value proposition is to provide the untapped market with an affordable, always connected motorcycle that performs on par with its gas-powered counterpart. "We are anything but a vehicle integrator with teams working to develop an indigenous electric motorcycle that supersedes it's petrol-powered counterpart in terms of speed, range, comfort and most of all cost of ownership while building our own IP across various sub-components including drive train, battery, chassis, software, and safety," informs Dinesh Arjun, CEO.

The company is developing a product that is designed primarily with the battery and motor
with no biases based on ICE vehicles, resulting in a highly efficient motorcycle that provides a better "price vs performance" quotient than ICE motorcycles. It already has 2 patents with 4 more in the pipeline. Raptee takes pride to be one of the very few IP based deep-tech startups in the electric mobility world. It is building an EV ecosystem locally to better suit the requirements rather than importing off the shelf components. It is also working on disruptive techs such as the patented Variable Rake Mechanism (VRM) that adapts to the driver and ride need by changing the driving dynamics of the chassis and the drivetrain.

Crafting a Great Work Environment
The ambitious team of the company has worked with and for industry giants like Tesla, Royal Enfield, Valeo, TAFE, Hyundai, and Wipro. The company believes in knowledge transfer within the team and makes sure that the entire team is upgraded to the latest irrespective of the field. With the freedom of pace, freedom of innovation and a wholesome mission to strive towards, the core team is largely supporting its workforce.

Being a company incorporated in California and in Chennai, it follows true vibrant start-up culture, making every individual bring his/her own value proposition to the company. There's no bias, no hierarchy in the organization. "The newest member of the company has the same say and can make as much difference as the original co-founders," he remarks.

Raptee energy will have the B2B focused product, electric vehicle control unit (e-vcu) ready for the market by the end of 2020

The Future Plans
The early-age startup has already witnessed 150 pre-orders for the first motorcycle, which will compete in the mid-premium segment. The brand is collaborating with top institutions and industries around the world to stay top of the game. The first motorcycle product is scheduled for launch in 2021. "We will have our product e-VCU ready for the market by the end of 2020. We are looking for a strategic lead investor to close our first round of funding by Q3 2020 and are in talks with a few potential investors too," he exclaims proudly.

Beyond Motorcycles!
• Raptee is slowly evolving is operation into B2B segment. Its product under this category is a fully integrated ElecticVehicle Control Unit (e-VCU) with inbuilt infotainment unit.

Their e-VCU is state-of-art, custom built and unique platform that gives the complete functionality & flexibility needed to intelligently monitor, evaluate and manage the key parameters affecting the health and performance of electric vehicle.

No matter the application, every electric vehicle needs a VCU, powerful toolkit of high-quality software and modular hardware to build a world-class electric Vehicle, that's where Raptee stands ahead.

• It runs on top of the line custom software built on Linux and Qt to meet international automotive standards for energy optimisation, power delivery and data privacy.

• FOSSIL, Raptee's AI-based energy monitoring system logs and analyses data to deliver maximum energy efficiency.

• One stop solution for EV powertrain development and deployment.