RAS Luxury Oils: A Homegrown, Organic, Luxury Skincare Brand

Shubhika Jain,  FounderThe beauty and skincare industry is one of the most complex industries with diverse customer tastes and needs. The rise of awareness and ease of accessibility of products through a multi channel approach, growing awareness towards selfcare and clean beauty, and the rising middle class bracket in the country are driving the market. RAS Luxury Oils, founded by Shubhika Jain in 2017, aspires to build a new-age luxury skincare and beauty brand from India that caters to the global audience disrupting the $54 billion global clean beauty and skincare market. RAS, pronounced 'ruh-us,' meaning 'essence' or 'happiness' in Sanskrit, is a glorious amalgamation of nature's well kept secrets with aromatherapy, formulated to bring out the best of beauty that elevates one's well being.

"Our DSIR approved labs work tirelessly to research & develop formulations that bring you the best of nature in its truest, most efficacious form"

The market is flooded with spurious, synthetic skincare products with false claims lining the shelves of departmental stores in big cities. There was a gaping void in the skincare market of brands that prioritized the needs of their consumers with efficacy, quality, and purity at their core. India is a heaven of healing herbs, deep knowledge of botanicals, and luxury, and RAS aims to bring this to the world in its truest, most luxurious form. RAS was set up in a small town in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, and used the best organic ingredients, handpicked from its sustainable farms and partner farms ensuring that the potency of each botanical is kept intact. “RAS is a vertically integrated company, with everything happening under a single roof at its headquarters in Raipur. It
has leveraged its access to highquality botanicals with research at its DSIR-approved R&D Lab in Raipur, to create science backed skin care products that actually work. No outsourcing, no shortcuts, no adulteration. We're all about honesty and transparency. We strive to deliver what we promise”, speaks Shubhika Jain, Founder.

RAS is a new-age luxury skincare brand from India, run by women founders with a 70 percent women workforce

Effective & Sensorial Skincare
RAS's award winning products, including its 24k Gold Radiance Face Elixir, Gel Serum, and Tinted Lip Balms, have a cult following with influencers, A list celebrities, and consumers. RAS currently engages in face care, lip care, and body care segments with a curated product portfolio of elixirs, serums, lip balms/tints, body butters, and more. Its products are effective, practical, and sensorial while being natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and toxin-free. There has been a positive response toward the products across all audience cohorts. “Our DSIR approved labs work tirelessly to research and develop formulations that bring you the best of nature in its truest, most efficacious form”, speaks Shubhika Jain.

RAS is a new-age luxury skincare brand from India, run by women founders with a 70percent women workforce. It has GMP and Cosmetics manufacturing license, is FDA Approved in India, and applied for USFDA and Ecocert certification. It is on its way to becoming a socially responsible brand by eliminating single-use plastic,adopting waste management technologies paired with safe waste disposal, and striving to reduce its carbon foot print. It also donates to animal welfare organizations in Raipur. It has won numerous awards, including Harper's Bazaar Best of Beauty Awards, Times She UnLTD Entrepreneur Awards Category Beauty, and Cosmopolitan India Beauty Awards 2019.

RAS's native website contributes to a majority of the revenue and has an immense focus on customer engagement and experience. It is also present in marketplaces like Nykaa and Amazon and has partnered with highend spas and salons. The fresh capital will be used to develop and launch new product categories, expand deeper into marketplaces and establish an international presence.