Ratepersqft: Revolutionizing Real Estate Solutions for a Modern Market

 Pankaj Maheshwari,   Founder & CEO

Pankaj Maheshwari

Founder & CEO

The real estate market in Guwahati has witnessed significant growth and development in recent years. Guwahati's strategic location, coupled with government initiatives to boost investments and tourism, has attracted both local and national developers to invest in the city. However, like any market, Guwahati's real estate sector faces challenges like land scarcity, regulatory complexities, and fluctuating property prices, making investments in the sector a matter of some skepticism, thereby necessitating the participation of real-estate experts like RATEPERSQFT, a young and dynamic real-estate startup established 3 years ago with a mission to streamline and modernize the experience of buying and selling, leasing or investing in real estate properties by constantly adopting innovative methodologies and integration of advanced technological tools.

Swiftly navigating the challenges inherent to brand establishment in a competitive market, RATEPERSQFT incorporated technological advancements in the form of in-house ERP and CRM systems to further enhance operations and in turn credibility. The company focused on building trust, expanding its client base, and raising brand awareness. Prioritizing exceptional service quality, cultivating strong customer relationships, forging strategic partnerships, and actively engaging in marketing and networking activities, RATEPERSQFT laid a solid foundation in the industry.

“Our vision is to make real-estate transactions convenient and as cost-effective as possible while maintaining the best-in-class service through integration of modern software. Our core values revolve around customer-centricity, integrity, transparency, and innovation. We are on a path to offer reliable, efficient, and comprehensive services to meet customers' real estate needs”, shares Pankaj Maheshwari, Founder & CEO.
With a customer-centric approach, the company has successfully positioned itself as a one-stop platform offering a wide range of services including real-estate consultancy, investments, marketplace services, and legal assistance. The company's flagship offerings lie in its consultancy services and end-to-end solutions for various real estate needs. Through a rigorous vendor selection process and strong client relationships, RATEPERSQFT ensures the quality and effectiveness of its services while continuously improving service delivery standards. Leveraging its in-house CRM cum ERP software, the company streamlines architectural design and production processes, enhancing accuracy, reducing lead times, and improving overall project management.

The company caters to the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors by maintaining specialized teams and expertise dedicated to each sector. This sector-specific approach allows RATEPERSQFT to provide tailored solutions and guidance to clients, addressing the unique requirements and market dynamics of each segment.The firm’s unique approach and deployment of numerous technological tools differentiates it from other players in the market, giving it a distinctive edge and identity.

Harsh Jain, Co-Founder

Future Growth
RATEPERSQFT owes its success to a highly skilled core team with diverse backgrounds and expertise in the real estate industry. The team’s collective knowledge in areas such as consultancy, investment management, technology development, and legal services has enabled the company to provide valuable industry insights, develop innovative solutions, and deliver high-quality services that meet clients'unique needs. RATEPERSQFT also focuses on improving its services, refines strategies, and adapts to customized business trends, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall sales growth.

Looking ahead, RATEPERSQFT remains committed to continuous growth and expansion. The company aims to explore new strategies, techniques, and ideas to enhance its service offerings and meet evolving market demands. RATEPERSQFT plans to expand beyond the Eastern states and cover the entire country, introducing new services and innovative solutions to address emerging trends in the real estate industry. Leveraging technology advancements, forging strategic partnerships, and establishing a strong presence in new geographies are key elements of RATEPERSQFT's future growth strategy, as it strives to solidify its position as a market leader in the real estate domain.