Ratnaafin: Customized Financial Services

India's financial services sector is growing rapidly, fueled by a large market base, an innovation driven startup landscape, and friendly government policies and regulations. The powerful amendments that have been brought in by the government have led to revolutionary changes like introductions of financial inclusion and transformation of the informal economy into a formal one. This favourable ecosystem has attracted many forward looking firms to maximize their business. One such firm that is part of this evolution is Gujarat based Ratnaafin that has been able to maximize its business within the MSME(Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises)segment.

Best defined as a complete financial advisory firm providing authentic debt and equity syndication services, Ratnaafin, is an amalgamation of four partners,each uniquely contributing their experience and expertise to the company. All four of Nishad Shah, Nilesh Sanghvi, Malav Desai & Dhaval Patel of them have wide experience working in different industries. The ideation took shape when four of them came together and discussed the idea to venture into financial conglomerate and become a prominent player in the space marking the beginning of Ratnaafin in August 2018.

The company primarily offers Debt and Equity Syndication Advisory and provides Loan distribution services of Retail Finance(Housing and LAP), Term Loans, Business Loan, Construction Finance for MSME, Real Estates Developers and retail customers. "We provide end to end service to all our clients making it trouble free and thrifty for all the agencies involved. We invest time in understanding of the industry, product and due diligence, which in turn gives MSME the best suitable lender, the right amount, product at the right cost and most suited client(loan origination/lead) to banks and NBFCs," says Nishad Shah, Partner, Ratnaafin.

Sailing Against the Wind
Growing businesses face a range of challenges. Recognizing and overcoming the common pitfalls associated with growth is
Nishad Shah, Malav Desai, Urvi Desai & Dhaval Patel,Co-Founders & Directors
essential when a business wants to grow and thrive. The biggest challengethat team Ratnaafin encountered was that of dealing with the banks. The team played a crucial part in convincing the bankers to lend to the MSME's and acted as direct representative for their clients.

Ratnaafin started with a profile of only 14 clients at the time of inception, and now we since then it has served more than 450 clients

Also, certain banks are not as versatile as others. In remote areas, very high costs of borrowing needs are incurred by the micro industries to avail the smallest of financial services. To over come this, team Ratnaafin constantly undergoes training programmes for the employees to keep them updated with all policies and changes that take place from time to time. They stay connected with Banks, NBFC's and products teams to give them inputs on the requirements of the industry. "We work closely with them on their existing products to give them necessary suggestions about what needs to be modified and distributed to the right set of clients,"avers Dhaval Patel, Partner.

The Growth
Since inception, it has progressed categorically and has been extremely successful in the implementation of the business plan that is incorporated. The company was operative with only three employees at the beginning and within a year, it has 50 + employees on board and is still in the recruitment stage to meet their future augmentations. The eminence of Ratnaafin is the affinity, rapport and interdependent work culture which has been created among the teams. It also wants to increase its productivity per customer by venturing into newer initiatives like: NBFC, Insurance Broking, Wealth Management Advisory & Fintech "We started with a profile of 14 clients at the time of inception, a since then we have server more than 450 clients. Our big vision is to be able to cater to financial & advisory needs all over India. We are trying to only make some realistic goals of trying to establish ourselves in one state at a time starting with Gujarat," concludes Malav Desai at a positive note.